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Name mizuki haruno
Location konaha
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Name:Mizuki haruno
boyfriend:Kakashi hatake (age 22)
best friend: kuranai and asuma
enemy:enemies of konoha and ''guy''
Rank: Anbu Captain/jounin
Nickname: deadly beauty!
element: wind,lightning,and fire
Team: Team 17 with minato sensei and kakashi etc.
Family: sakura haruno (baby sister) ling haruno (mom) Yang haruno (father)

about me:

Ok well.....
Lets see i like to walk at night time to my fav sakura tree to watch the stars.I am a reader i love to read anything but mostly icha icha paradise...hehe I work part time when im not doing any ninja business on the book store.My fav color is yellow,black and sensei's are the 3rd hokage lady thusnada and jiraya. i never trusted oreo i mean orochimaru. I am a prodigy like kakashi but i turned anbu a year before him but turned jounin the same day.Kakashi and me started dating a year later after the kayubi attack making it 11 years together as of today. cute huh ok well as of personility im NOTHING LIKE MY SISTER!
im calm,patient,short-tempered,loyal to konaha,caring,i like to annoy my sister witch you will soon find out ..
umm what else oh i live by myself because i think my family is annoying i moved out as soon i turned anbu captain. but i still visit them ''occasionally''...
if anyone wants to find me im always by my sakura tree when i finish a mission with my babe if his not on a mission.
my outfits:
anbu outfit
jounin outfits:
but with long pink hair
long pink hair like the first picture
my weapon which is customize made for all 3 chakras
my summoning


Team 8

Team 8

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a shikamaru love story

a shikamaru love story

4 pages, updated May 02, 2012PG-13Pictures
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