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Hey there, I'm evafan24.  You can call me Eva. This account consists of fanfiction and 2nd Person/Reader-Insert stories. If you would like to check out some of my original work, you can follow the link I've provided below. Thanks for reading!

Update 1/12/2014

I know I said I'd try and update my Shikamaru series before the end of my break, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. I'm starting to feel like writing fanfiction, or perhaps Naruto fanfiction, is something I should just take a break from for a while longer. Writing fanfiction has been a HUGE hobby for me, but now it doesn't feel as much fun anymore. I think it'd be fun to write more original pieces, preferably Reader x Original character stories. So hopefully in the near future I can post more stuff like that. Till then, I'd like to keep my Shikamaru story on hiatus for a while and focus writing something else.


Package Deal

Package Deal

1 page, updated Apr 11, 2014PG-13Completed
As a FedEx courier, you were used to delivering packages. However, you weren't sure if you could or wanted to handle the package Tony Stark wanted to give to you. slight!Reader x Tony Stark
180 reads votes 4 comments 2


2 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 10, 2014PG-13
Everyone has felt insecure about parts of their body or feelings at some point in their lives. And some feel more insecure than others. [Reader x Various]
342 reads votes 10 comments 5
The Wounded Deer

The Wounded Deer

27 parts / 58 pages, updated Aug 17, 2013PG-13Pictures
Kaede has been in love with Shikamaru for three years. When her feelings go unrequited, she tries to keep her true feelings from being discovered. Even if it means she'll end up hurt in the process. ShikamaruxOC, some KaedexOC
34,688 reads votes 808 comments 122
[Kiba] 10 Little Things... [Inuzuka]

[Kiba] 10 Little Things... [Inuzuka]

10 parts / 14 pages, updated Aug 05, 2013PG-13Completed
Despite how much you loved him; there were times when his faults would push you over the edge. (Kiba Inuzuka x Reader) Response to Katz Go Rawwwrr's '10 Little Things...' Challenge
15,195 reads votes 259 comments 40
[Shikamaru] Lazy Afternoons [Nara]

[Shikamaru] Lazy Afternoons [Nara]

2 pages, updated May 27, 2013PG-13
Just because your boyfriend was labeled as the lazy one, didn't mean you couldn't have your lazy days too. Shikamaru Nara x Reader Response to Ninja-chan's "Lazy Afternoons" Challenge
2,103 reads votes 35 comments 4
[ Kiba ] Share With Me [ Inuzuka ]

[ Kiba ] Share With Me [ Inuzuka ]

2 pages, updated Nov 28, 2012PG-13Completed
When it came to trick-or-treating, [Name] always followed a few simple rules. Well... almost always. [AU!Kiba x Reader] [Contest entry for aGOREYdemise13 on Quizilla]
1,724 reads votes 41 comments 7
[Naruto] Just Friends [Uzumaki]

[Naruto] Just Friends [Uzumaki]

3 pages, updated Nov 11, 2012GCompleted
They say love makes you do crazy things, like pay your crush to go out with someone you've never even met. One-Sided Naruto/Reader, Naruto/Sakura [Contest entry for aGOREYdemise13 on Quizilla]
820 reads votes 27 comments 10
[Reader x Various] Various Kisses

[Reader x Various] Various Kisses

7 parts / 12 pages, updated Oct 15, 2012PG-13
There are various kisses used to express different kinds of feelings. Some kisses express intimacy while others can be used to express friendship. But somet... read more
11,427 reads votes 121 comments 34
[ Heisuke ] Do the Math [ Toudo ]

[ Heisuke ] Do the Math [ Toudo ]

1 page, updated May 15, 2012PG-13
515 reads votes 12 comments 1
|Naruto Shippuden| Smart-Ass |Shikamaru Nara|

|Naruto Shippuden| Smart-Ass |Shikamaru Nara|

2 pages, updated Jul 16, 2011PG-13Completed
Sachiko and Shikamaru play a game of shogi, nothing out of the ordinary. Until Sachiko comes up with an idea to heat things up a little and make their game of shogi more...interesting. ShikamaruxOC
4,872 reads votes 83 comments 25
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Thank you, I'm glad you got a good laugh out of this one-shot. X3 Unfortunately, I don't have plans to continue this since this was just...
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I'm not taking any requests right now, but if I feel up to it I might write something for TK.
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You're so sweet! Thank you! And I'll keep that in mind. XD
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Thank you very much!
[ Kiba ] Share With Me [ In...

Yes, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Thanks for reading~!
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