Hey there, I'm evafan24.  You can call me Eva. This account consists of fanfiction and 2nd Person/Reader-Insert stories. If you would like to check out some of my original work, you can follow the link I've provided below. Thanks for reading!


Update 1/12/2014

I know I said I'd try and update my Shikamaru series before the end of my break, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. I'm starting to feel like writing fanfiction, or perhaps Naruto fanfiction, is something I should just take a break from for a while longer. Writing fanfiction has been a HUGE hobby for me, but now it doesn't feel as much fun anymore. I think it'd be fun to write more original pieces, preferably Reader x Original character stories. So hopefully in the near future I can post more stuff like that. Till then, I'd like to keep my Shikamaru story on hiatus for a while and focus writing something else.
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|Naruto Shippuden| Smart-Ass |Shikamaru Nara|

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Description: Sachiko and Shikamaru play a game of shogi, nothing out of the ordinary. Until Sachiko comes up with an idea to heat things up a little and make their game of shogi more...interesting. ShikamaruxOC


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evafan24 commented on Package Deal

Thank you, I'm glad you got a good laugh out of this one-shot. X3 
      Unfortunately, I don't have plans to continue this since this was just supposed to be a one-shot.
xXKitsuneSamaXx posted a message to evafan24
Hello :3
      You've been M.I.A. For a long time now :( So as a semi-dedicated fan of yours, I've taken it upon myself to ask you: Will you please come back? D: You're an awesome writer! One of my all time favorites, and I miss reading your amazing Naruto one shots as well as your Shikamaru fan fiction. (I've read them all D: lol)
      Don't get me wrong, I totally understand if you've been busy, or if you're going through something :) We all take breaks, I just hope you don't forget about little old Wattpad :3
      Come back soon ♥