Why hello there! Thanks for clicking on that button and checking out my profile and stories :) My name's Danielle and I'm 17 :) I'm just your average girl who loves One Direction with a burning passion and happens to love writing stories about them.  

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SAW 1D LIVE IN CONCERT: 05/31/12 , 08/01/14

To all my beautiful and amazing followers, I want to thank each and everyone of you. I may not know you, but I just want you to know that your love and support means the entire world to me. The reason I write is because of you. I love each of you to bits! (: 

Please don't PM me asking you to follow back because I don't read stories because I'm barely on. I'm trying my best to finish More Than This right now since there are only a few chapters left. 

Thaanks Guys! I  LOVE YOU ALL! xxxxx

                                                                                                                                     XOXOX- Dani 
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More Than This (One Direction FanFic) [ON HOLD]

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Description: Ten Best Friends. Five Girls. Five Boys. Danielle, Kendal, Amber, Lana and Sidra are best friends with the hottest boy band in the world, which happen to be One Direction. The five girls have known the boys since they were in diapers. The girls have...

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If you haven't heard yet, but... Sorry my heart really hurts  Zayn Malik, my baby, has officially left One Direction. I can't even process it in my mind right now, like its shock and sadness. I'm in denial. But to me no matter what, it WILL ALWAYS BE 5/5! NO MATTER WHAT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE ZAYN, LOU, HAZZ, NIALLER, AND LI ❤️ No matter what. 
Could you please add a Sarah as one of Niall's best friends ( short, with shortish gold-brown hair and freckles, sassy) for more than this if you could? And an Angelina as Harry's gf? (Shoulder length brown hair, sassy, won't eat bacon) if you can't, I don't mind, I just wanted to ask.
Hi guys! Please do me a favour and please don't message me if I can read stories. I honestly only read stories that I want to and that I enjoy. Please and thank-you :) Inbox me only if it's really important.
And also a MASSIVE THANK-YOU to all of you! Logged in and I was shocked to see that I have over 8000 amazing and beautiful followers! I love y'all so much! Updates are slowly but surely coming! ❤️
Wow!  My first time logging in a long time! To keep y'all updated on me last night I saw the boys last night live in concert! Where We Are in Toronto was just simply amazing! It was great to be able to see and hear them live once again! It was truly an amazing night and it was the best night of my life the other one being when I saw them in the Up All Night Tour back in 2012! I'm so proud of how far they've come! And dang the Rogers Center was filled with 54, 000 people! So proud! ❤️