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HEYY wierdo's who have time enough to check out my profile :D

┬╗well,im kinda shy and quiet so  dont think im gonna write any stories or anything... I just read them..BUT once u get to know me, im really crazy and random :p

okay, well, i'm not really sure what to write goes:

i love spongebob! who does'nt?
i cant\don't write or sing or anything
i'm not a very sporty person :p
i love food!
 my fav colors are purple and blue
im a bookworm :)
i wanna be a paid assasin wen im older ;) 
i like penguins 
I laugh ALOT ... for no reason at all
I like drawing even though I kind of suck at it
MADAGASCAR ! king julian :')
i'm a good listener...but I forget easily :p so I apologise in advance
If you give me food, I will LOVE you ;)
I use smileys...alot, see :) :(  <3  ^_^
I want a gay friend :D

fav quotes:

"Between two evils, I always pick the one i've never tried before" ;)
~Mae West

"When Karma finally comes slaps you in the face, i'll be there... just in case it needs help ;)

P E O P L E       T O    F A N ~~
 @icecreamlover01 ~ SHEZ AMAZING! my real life bestie :')i luff her :) FAN HER! NOW! baha SHE'S VERY HOLY AND SHE PREACHES!BEWARE!
 @nicely ~ SHE'S got a british accent! :p bt thats not the point, she's really nice and u sHould check out her book! cuz i'm her editor ! :p
 @joannal98~ she's a sweetheart :) if u ever need anyone to talk to ,she's the one! SHE HAS A DOGGIE!
 @XdrasticX ~ my OTHER bestie and my ChOcoLoViN buddyy! I lurv her <3
 @ColdExposure  ~she sent me a fish ^_^ haha, gotta love her :D FAN HER NOW!
 @ilooooovebooks13 ~my drooling buddy XD she's awesomely insane and 
amaaazingg! <3




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have some hope. have some faith, the past may be bad but a good future awaits :) by @XdrasticX :p
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@xxSimmieAxx awww, thanx a bunch

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I voted! its really good :)
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@XxStarsxX yeah u areee! but I think im awesomer ;) hehe, jk