~All you sinners stand up sing halalughla~ 

My name is Charlie and yes, I'm a girl.
I write books about a lot of things. Sometimes harry potter or anime and other times jut ideas I have in my head. Panic! At The Disco is bæ!

Anime: Soul Eater, Black Butler, OHSHC, SAO, and a lot of others

~I chime in with a haven't you people heard of closing the Goddamn door~

~praying for love and a lap dance~

~bandaids don't fix bullet holes~

~you a stupid hoe you a stupid hoe~
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Description: Mack's feelings towards Ty were just a simple crush, until she started dating Chase. Mack crazy with jealousy. It gets so bad that he ends up killing Chase, and his next target is Ty. 'It's the obsession' says the voice in my head.