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I have changed...... I now get to choose wether i watch True Blood or Twilight. 

Just jk...... :D I'M BACK!!!!!! AND I HAVE CHANGED. Not in the above way though.

I have got over Ian, who dumped me for a girl. 

I have a new boyfriend, Seth who makes me feel beautiful, in every way. *wiggle eyebrows!

I do not regret getting over Ian, because I met someone way better.

I don't know wether i'm going to be typing stories or not because I simply have no incentive to. I'm lazy. :)

But I told Seth that if he acts like a dog for 3 days straight and lets me order him to do everything I will write a story and I promise it will be the best story you have ever read. I think? And being a dog would include a number of fun things. 1, kissing me in public, 2, buying me food, 3, cleaning my room. :D I'm not that bad though, I'll award him. *wiggle eyebrows again.

So I guess that's it? 

Checking out, 



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ya know. you should post more often. i want to see where this gets to.
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