I'll be uploading stories soon! :) Message me suggestions and I might write oneshots about them. (Or an entire story if it's really good!) I'll credit them to you, and you get to see your fantasy unfold! :)

Meanwhile, I'll be working on a few stories of my own. I'll try to get them up soon! :)

Also, I might want to write reviews on stories. Please message me for requests, and if your story is good, I'll review it. 

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khiripb posted a message to boyxboy
Hey i also write boyxboy stories and i was wondering if you can check out my stories and vote....and ill do the same =D
MadDogs__Pup posted a message to boyxboy
You should write a story about a guy who is really shy at school, but outgoing as soon as he's away from school, he also gets bullied for being gay and His bully just happens to be his lab partner. The lab partner should be great an outgoing at school, but have a really shitty home life, like they're poor and he helps with anything he can to help raise his little sister and he's a real mamas boy  at home and helps with everything. The main character should be the first one I describes and he should be pretty wealthy have a loving family that's playful and fun, but when the popular guy realize he's falling for the little nerd he freaks because his moms homophobic because his dad left them for a guy.  

I hope you decide to write this story .