Back on Wattpad and it feels so good haha

Junior in high school living in the land of daydreams... I love many shows and music but my favorite band is Paramore and my favorite show is Doctor Who.

 Always have and always will be in love with Spiderman. 

Reading and writing take me away from my life and I love it

I care too much for fictional characters.

 Unfortunately, I'm a procastrinator and the internet definitely does not help... 

I usually laugh a lot. I love my friends and family ♡♡ I'm grateful for my life, for there are many who suffer.

You've managed to come to my page might as well check out a story ;D 

~I take reading requests~
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Description: She's loud, outspoken, beautiful, and everything he wants. A short story about how we see others and how they actually are~

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A Very Short Memoir

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He leaves her. They're both broken. They write down their thoughts as they listen to songs. You have to...

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Odd Excuse for Poetry by Me :)

Odd Excuse for Poetry by Me :)

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when i feel strong emotion i write things down and call them poetry hope u enjoy these :)

That one special girl (hiatus- being slowly edited)

That one special girl (hiatus- being slowly edited)

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Every Halloween-whether humans know or not- all creatures are free to go above ground and cause havoc. T...

bookloverbeyza commented on Cherry Knots - ♒ of kissing

"Nice room," Declan commented, as he sauntered in. He sat himself down on the big swivel chair at my study desk, and patted his lap. "Come to papa, baby."
I never understand people who have clean rooms when unexpected guests come over I have to rush to make my room semi okay
bookloverbeyza commented on The Chase | Ashton Irwin - CHAPTER THREE

A group on nerdy-looking guys walked past us. They were laughing and one of them said a calculus pun, and I silently laughed along. "As you can see there's a ton of cliques at this school." Annie poi...
@90sashton I don't either maybr cliques are a myth lol honestly high school was more chill in terms of stuff like that (middle school was worse for me)