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the pic is of my new kitten cookie. i love her to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in the uk with my younger  brother, dad and mum. I have a cat and a kitten, 3 fish, 4 chinchillas and 1 bearded dragon. As you can tell i love animals, reading, chating with my crazy friends at lunch, writing poems/stories and dont forget listening to music. I <3 TAYLOR SWIFT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

Most of my friends would call me quiet but crazy. I can make people happy when they are down. You can tell me anything but i went tell anyone as it isnt my secret to tell. 'She is a good agony aunt' says a direct source *wink wink nudge nudge* kathleen. My friends are always there for me and can help me through thick and thin. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! 

So im going to dedicate all my work to you guys at school, friends out side of school (JAZZY) , my mum dad and brother and how could forget all you amazing fans.....................wait what do you mean its not a brit awards...... or the grammys ........ oh ok give it some time!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

If you want a cool book cover then go here:

They make the best!!!!

friend: lark8v and samsam10


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