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I'm Kristy :) 
 My dream is to adopt a million kids to give them a chance at a better life .

They say don't cry about people who walked out on you ; What they don't realize is that your crying because your not strong enough to get up and lock the door behind them.
Don't You Ever Wish You Were Stuck in One Moment?
When Everything Is Alright ?
When The Smiles Are Real ;
& the Tears fake ?
Do You Sometimes Dream of Those Perfect Moments?
Where Everything Is Picture Perfect
When Everything You Did Is Suddenly All Worth  It.
We Don't Realize Those Moments Until We Need Them
Until The Smiles Are The Fakes  And the Tears Are Real
Then All We have Is Memories.
We Don't Realize That We Have A Million Memories
For Every Bad Moment;
We Have One Perfect Moment To Get Us Through the Day
One Perfect Moment That Can Make Everything Okay.
And What We Want Is To be Stuck In That Moment Forever.
- We Can't Be Happy Forever; That Why We Save Our Memories For Those Rainy Days
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