I suck at these so I'm just gonna go straight to the point...

My name is Hannah.
I'm 20.
I'm a Wattpad Ambassador (or Ninja as we prefer to be called). Ergo, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll be glad to assist in any way I can. Details about who we are and what we do can be found here @WPNinjas

And BTW, no advertising allowed either on my message board or story boards. Any advertising outside the SYS thread in each genre club officially counts as spam.
And finally please, I love getting feedback so if you read any of my stories, kindly leave a review or even a vote.

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LOL that makes complete sense. I guess I should just keep waiting then, you just gave me hope. I'm happy your relationship is going well too (I'll keep my fingers crossed and root for you guys). 

In other news (whenever you do come back online), do you still plan on continuing Plus One? I've been waiting for an update forever! Please please please try to finish that book. It is an amazing story and we all wanna know how it ends. I imagine you're busy with life and other things too, so whenever you get the time, pretty please? *insert puppy eyes* =D
awwthentic posted a message to annie93
Hi, just wondering when you will update "Share your spiritual story" thread in the club. But, now i see, i am not the only one waiting for it. Please do it soon. :)