I am a shy but sociable person once I get to know a person.I'm friendly,nice,helpful and very loyal and trustworthy.I like anime and romance books.i love vampires and werewolves.I like to try new things.i love to know about new cultures and languages.i like to watch Korean dramas.i also like to play call of duty black ops 1&2 online with other players  for multiplayer but more zombie killing.Wherever I go I love to read so I use wattpad or my kindle but I like to read other people's story's in wattpad.I am a college student and wish to become a registered nurse.if I don't than English professor.i hope to write stories someday but for now I enjoy reading others stories.
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I'm sorry you went through that painful breakup. I like your writing. Reminds me of my personality and how I'm very shy person. Don't give up and keep your head up. This is only the beginning eventually you will meet the person that loves you and cares for you. Those people are not worth it they just help you experience that you can do better and you have to go through this until you meet the right person. Good luck. I'm also here for you and anyone that wants to talk.