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haaai i'm Emily. wait no scratch that. i'm Juliet looking for my Romeo and a new pair of converse (': i was in love, but that was yesterday. i want to live my life, not just survive. i'm a swifty, exiter, directioner, enchancer & archie! (: i support Operation Purple Sky, an anti-bullying organization. 

i'm an Aquarius ♒ and im born on a holiday! :D Valentine's Day, to be specific ♥¹³ my favorite number is 21 because when you add 2 and 1 you get 3 and with a 3 you can make a heart. what can i live without? sure i'd like my computer or iTouch or phone or my friends/family, but i know i definitely wouldn't be able to live without my heart. hahaha im just like Niall Horan in that matter (:

i've been bffs with my best friend, Katrina, since 4th grade, so that's approximately 5 years now. i intend on being true to the term "best friend forever" and be her bff (: i hope she thinks the same way, otherwise this will be super awkward! LOL :P

according to my friends, im really funny. oh and nice. oh but weird, too. so yar, i guess i'm funny and nice, yet weird. lol i must seem pretty quirky to y'all (: i like to read, which is why i have this wattpad thing going on (: oh hahaha but im a horrible writer XD fanfiction stories are awesome! regular fiction is cool, too, of course ;D

so anywhoo, that's it for now... ta ta and toodle looooooo til laterrrrrr! 

Emily <3

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