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The Scientist [TMR NEWT]

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Description: The world is in complete an utter disaster. Left and right the human race is being infected with the Flare and there is nothing anyone- even WCKD- can do about it, that is until Subject A15 steps into the maze and changes everything the gladers thou...

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four years | cth au

four years | cth au

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in which calum and safrina are reunited after four years [BOOK ONE OF THE UNIVERSITY SERIES]

Gretchen Lupin and the Sorcerer's Stone [BOOK ONE]

Gretchen Lupin and the Sorcerer's Stone [BOOK ONE]

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Gretchen Arielle Lupin. Does that name ring a bell to you? No? I'm not surprised. Gretchen is the only d...



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fuck feelings



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For many, the local cathedral is the place you show up to every Sunday to please your parents or ease yo...

Hey I just finished you Gretchen Lupin story and I really hope you upload a sequel because you did an amazing job writing the 1st one. Honestly one of the best I read. It's hard to find a good Harry Potter series that is new and refreshing. I really hope you decide to continue with the series. ~Much Love, Cupcake