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So howdy people! 

This ID is to promote and connect with people. As my name suggest I'm a fanner, and I'm gonna fan everyone out there. If you want me to fan you, just drop a message on my message board. 

I'm a reader more than a writer, so I'm gonna read anything and everything, If you want me to read your book. vote or comment, just leave the link of your book, Link has to be there, you just can't write 'Read my book.' which book? I dunno! And the stories should only be in English! 

If you want me to make book covers or even edit your book, I'll be at your service anytime. If i like your book I'll keep it in my Library for advertisement.

For some good books check out my Library. 
For some good short stories check out  Amazing short stories.

If you feel I'm great and very helpful, then do not fan me back here, go like my little sister blister: @XoXMsKnowItAllXoX
Also check out my girlfriend for some great short stories: @JennyGreen12
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Oh that was so touching, so well written xx
I loved You

Ok, you cover pictures sucks. It's fairytale, it should be more bright and pretty. About your writing, is awesome. Superb vocab, and very smooth.
Living A Fairytale

Amazing. loved it. You've got a great writing style(:
Removed For Now

Okay, starting with the alarm clock is the worst idea, try to get a better hook line.
Crazy little thing called L...

Superb cover. And an very catchy plot. Loved your hook line, it so made me curious. You definitely have the potential.. never give up on this...
Caged Bird Screaming