Hola!! I'm Whitney :))) 

I have a Twitter now its @wmccormick726 soo please follow me and I will happily follow you back :))) 

@xXxMrsTomlinsonxXx is someone I can call a friend who has helped me with me book :D thanks 
@erinhehehe364656 is another wonderful person I call a friend :)
@CarrotSmashers is another wonderful person I've gotn to know:3
@DaCupcakeOverlord is also another awesome person along with @NeytiriDaBoob
@mynameisjello is my amazing twin <3
@XStylesKiss is someone  i freaking love <3 

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ι .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•              
(`*•.¸( `*•.ℓσνє¸ ¸.•*´ )¸.•*´
«´`•.*One Direction*.•´`»
(¸.•*´( ¸.•*´ `*•.¸ )`*•

10 Important Facts:
    ~1. I'm left handed
    ~2. I have more guy friends then girls 
    ~3. When I'm stressed I tend to either sing, swing or Write. All of those are things i love <3
    ~4. I'm in love with Harry Styles curly hair and his sexy voice :)
    ~5. I have only sisters. It sucks. I've always wanted a brother D:
    ~6. My eyes are green and blue mixed but on some days they are one or the other. 
    ~7. I love cats :) I have 2
    ~8. I have brownish hair, but at heart I'm a blonde. 
    ~9. I'm short and proud of it :))
    ~10. I'm an  xbox nerd and I love it :P

Harry Styles ♥ 
I don't care if he likes cougars, I'm the exception! 
I don't care if he is British, I love his accent! 
I don't care if he has really curly hair, I get to run my hands through it! 
Don't hate cause you want to be someones exception, you just have to find someone who's worth being your exception <3

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Book Schedule: 
Friday-  You Just Don’t Know 
Saturday- Rescue Me
Sunday- Wal-Mart Zombies
This may change but this is how I’m going to try to stick with. I may update the stories early so keep that in mind :) I love you all
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    In my bed with Harry Styles ;)
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Killing Me Softly (An American Horror Story Fan Fiction)

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Hi guys I know that I haven't been posting for a really long time. I really am trying to post but I just feel like no one will read what I write.  I'm working on a new story and I've started a part of it. I would love for your feedback on it. So please let me know if  any of you are still out there waiting for me to finally get out of my funk and start writing like I should be :) <3
As of  now I will be putting all my books "Under Construction" spme may be completely rewritten and other just edited. I now have internet at my house so I will be trying my best o update as fast as I can <3
Hey guys! I'll be posting once I get my new laptop. My other one broke a few months ago and I'm saving money to get a new one
 I should be posting here soon :)) <3