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I live in West Virginia and I love to write. There's not much about me that you need to know. I'm 17. I appreciate comments, good or bad, so please feel free to comment on my stories.

-----██---- -Put this on 
-----██----- your Wall
--█████---if you're not
-----██----- embarrassed
-----██----- to tell others
-----██----- that you
-----██----- believe in God :)♥

Twitter: @WantDirtyDixon
Kik: pumpkin_2015
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Pheed: Twist3d
Instagram: twist3d15

"And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be, In nomine Patri, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti."

Veritas Aequitas

You say English, we say Japanese
You say Justin Bieber, we say Vocaloid 
You say reality, we say anime
You say comics, we say manga
You say countries, we say Hetalia
You say hello, we say konichiwa
You learn Japanese from classes, we learn from shows
You cry if a character dies, we have a wave of emotions
You crush on pop stars, we crush on anime characters
You say crazy, we say Soul Eater
You say family, we say FAIRY TAIL!!!
You say science, we say Alchemy
You say Prosthetic we say auto-mail 
You think we're fangirls/fanboys, but we're all Otakus
this is the most amazing thing EVER.




1 page, updated Sep 01, 2014G
2 reads votes 0 comments 0
Broken Haven

Broken Haven

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Jul 20, 2014PG-13
This is the long awaited sequel to The Dead Shall Rise. A The Walking Dead fanfiction that follows along with season 4. So enjoy the twists and turns in the lives of the char... read more
179 reads votes 11 comments 4
The Boring Tales of My Ordinary Life

The Boring Tales of My Ordinary Life

8 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 06, 2014PG-13
Just some funny things that probably aren't even that funny to you but read anyway because you're bored and have nothing to do with your lives
156 reads votes 8 comments 10
I Love You

I Love You

1 page, updated Jun 23, 2014G
14 reads votes 1 comments 0
Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere

1 page, updated May 28, 2014G
16 reads votes 0 comments 0
You Won't Know The Difference

You Won't Know The Difference

1 page, updated May 28, 2014G
57 reads votes 2 comments 2
Interviews of Some Awesome People

Interviews of Some Awesome People

16 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 26, 2014PG-13
Just some interviews of some awesome people. My other interview book got a lil' full so here is round 2 of interviews
329 reads votes 22 comments 27


1 page, updated Apr 07, 2014G
32 reads votes 2 comments 3
Written in the Dark

Written in the Dark

1 page, updated Mar 03, 2014PG
9 reads votes 1 comments 0
Interviews of Your Favorite Authors

Interviews of Your Favorite Authors

48 parts / 17 pages, updated Jan 27, 2014PG
1,169 reads votes 45 comments 37
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24 reads

A Rant On Annoying Fanfic Moments
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The Before
1,844,941 reads

A Wish Filled Romance
1,441,576 reads

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