Hola! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

My name's Ashleigh and I'm twenty years old. I am known to be "the weird one" and, well, yeah...

I always seem to embarrass myself during the most inconvenient of times. I unfortunately have that type of awkwardness about myself, or as someone so politely described it as: I lack coordination. 

I have my own house and work for the government, which is actually the best job I've been in so far. 

I also have a strict tendency to trip over things, I spill stuff down myself, I'm boring, I can't swim or dance and I tend to make a non-awkward situation very awkward. Most of the time it's not what I do which embarrasses me so much, it's more along the lines of HOW I do it or HOW I say it. I just have that unfortunate, awkward luck. But em... yeah. My stories on this website are very old - some I wrote about five years ago when I was fifteen! I mean, my writing's matured horrifically since then but I still hope you enjoy them!

My latest work is An Endless Winter and it's a story that contrives between Humanity and Substitution. Zara Valentine is not one who will bow to their abnormalities, neither will she accept their corrupted antics as a means to restore the world that was once swept away. Though it won't come easy, Zara is going to fight them. 

^ also, this novel has been posted under my pseudonym, Katze Snow, just in case you wondered :) 


Ashleigh/Katze x
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