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Name Dexter Ryan
Location Bridge
Birthday Oct 31
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The message you are about to read on my about me is pure
bullshit and lies to only bring me pain and heartbreak :) v

I love you more than I can ever show you, but I'll spend the rest of my life trying. -Rayne

This is Dexter.
Dexter is a bunny.
My bunny.
He's a total sweetheart, and he's all mine c:
He's my love, my life, my whole universe, my honey, cuddlecat, boobear, sugar, lovebug, pookiebear, snoogums, baby, babe, boo, darling, and tons more of embarrassing, lovey-dovey nicknames. 
Bottomline, he's mine.
He's hella trustworthy, but that trust is not reciprocated towards you. So don't press him to tell you things. He won't.
He's got one of the most childlike personalities ever, and he's the most adorable person you can ever hope to meet.
He's a bright ray of sunshine on a rainy day.
I love you, bunny <3

^ and everything he ever told me was a complete lie :')
 @ZachZee -My best friend ever♥ he lives with me<3 He's basically my world. No one could replace my ZeeZee xD Hurt him and you will no longer have a dick. I love you ZachZach<3

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