Hello to all my potential readers. My name is Theodore. I like to play video games and read books. I have been writing fantasy stories for the last...year now. I like reading or playing all kinds of fantasy but...the one's I like the most are the unique ones. The stories that have an original idea.
I like fantasy especially those in Role-playing games the most.

My Most current Projects are 
Eternal Spirit. A Modern rebirth of Eternal Discovery
Bonds Throughout Time - A Time Travel Story 
And Eternal Courage 3 - Galactic Bonds. 

I also have a good series of Stories I've put much effort in creating and hope you enjoy them.

Neptunia's LC A fan fic story

For Anime Lovers there's Eternal Courage and Eternal Courage 2
They are my biggest hits and I'm sure you'll like it too

 Beyond the Soul (kai) 
An emotional fantasy Story set in the sky above a ruined world.

Eternal Grand Quest
A unique fantasy story based off the anime Sword Art Online

Dead Future
A Apocalyptic story set in the far future. Where people stricken with Amnesia struggle to survive 

Lastly My very First Stories the Eternal Discovery Trilogy.

All of these Stories I have put much work into creating and I really hope you can read and enjoy them

Got any questions theodore19@live.co.uk, or connect by Twitter. Username Theodore21 or Facebook Thomas Mullaney
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Eternal Spirit

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Description: (Details of Next update 29th October - 2nd November) The Land Of Zestria...may change. As Can...one's heart Jealousy, Ego, Arrogance...these are the norm in Zestria. A peaceful land, fought between the two factions of the World. The story of this...

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Bonds Throughout Time

Bonds Throughout Time

19.9K 598 56

(Next Chapter to be updated between 24th - 27th October) An original time-travel Romance story. Time...

#99 in Adventure #111 in Fantasy
Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

37.2K 1.2K 216

(Chapter 18 updated on 22nd October) Featuring a Younger Saku before Eternal Courage 1 Begins. Welcome...

#26 in Action #42 in Fantasy
Eternal Courage 2

Eternal Courage 2

326K 5.3K 753

True Courage is Eternal. Welcome Back to the World of Bio-dueling. A Sport known the world over for his...

#272 in Action #346 in Fantasy
Eternal Courage

Eternal Courage

414K 7.7K 1.1K

An anime inspired action story. Bio Duelling. The sport that has taken the world by storm. A one-on-one...

Chapter 17 of Courage 3 is Now Online. Chapter 18 is next, or part 2 of 17, to be put online between the 22nd and 25th of October
Eternal Spirit Chapter 3 Has now been updated for your viewing pleasure. Next update is Eternal Courage 3, roughly between the 21st to 24th of October.