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Hello to all my potential readers. My name is Theodore. I like to play video games and read books. I have been writing fantasy stories for the last...year now. I like reading or playing all kinds of fantasy but...the one's I like the most are the unique ones. The stories that have an original idea.
I like fantasy especially those in Role-playing games the most.

My Most current Projects are 
Eternal Spirit. A Modern rebirth of Eternal Discovery
Bonds Throughout Time - A Time Travel Story 
And Eternal Courage 3 - Galactic Bonds. 

I also have a good series of Stories I've put much effort in creating and hope you enjoy them.

Neptunia's LC A fan fic story

For Anime Lovers there's Eternal Courage and Eternal Courage 2
They are my biggest hits and I'm sure you'll like it too

 Beyond the Soul (kai) 
An emotional fantasy Story set in the sky above a ruined world.

Eternal Grand Quest
A unique fantasy story based off the anime Sword Art Online

Dead Future
A Apocalyptic story set in the far future. Where people stricken with Amnesia struggle to survive 

Lastly My very First Stories the Eternal Discovery Trilogy.

All of these Stories I have put much work into creating and I really hope you can read and enjoy them

Got any questions, or connect by Twitter. Username Theodore21 or Facebook Thomas Mullaney


Bonds Throughout Time

Bonds Throughout Time

Fantasy #600 / Adventure #775
12 parts / 90 pages, updated Jul 27, 2014PG
An original time-travel Romance story. Time...a force without course or end. People age, buildings decay and the moon waxes and wanes. Only one force can withstand... read more
9,107 reads votes 353 comments 38
Eternal Spirit

Eternal Spirit

Action #29 / Fantasy #40
17 parts / 101 pages, updated Jul 25, 2014G
The Land Of Zestria...may change. As's heart Jealousy, Ego, Arrogance...these are the norm in Zestria. A peaceful land, fought between the two factions of the Wo... read more
20,279 reads votes 598 comments 59
Neptunia's Lost Chapter

Neptunia's Lost Chapter

Action #23 / Fantasy #30
34 parts / 221 pages, updated Jul 23, 2014PGCompleted
Welcome one and all to the world of Gamindustry. A world of four nations each ruled by a CPU, a girl endowed with special power. The four CPU’s compete for a un... read more
22,533 reads votes 839 comments 137
Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

Action #121 / Fantasy #167
8 parts / 57 pages, updated Jul 10, 2014PG
Featuring a Younger Saku before Eternal Courage 1 Begins. Welcome back to Bio-duelling the sport that has taken the world by storm. Involving fighters w... read more
6,396 reads votes 383 comments 95
Eternal Grand Quest

Eternal Grand Quest

30 parts / 159 pages, updated Apr 24, 2014GCompleted
(Eternal Courage 3 - Character Auditions Open) Eternal Grand Quest, a well received MMO that is being played the world over. A virtual reality game, where after putti... read more
87,939 reads votes 1,594 comments 285
Eternal Courage 2

Eternal Courage 2

51 parts / 313 pages, updated Mar 31, 2014PGCompleted
True Courage is Eternal. Welcome Back to the World of Bio-dueling. A Sport known the world over for his amazing fighters displaying amazing power and abilities. Every y... read more
296,443 reads votes 4,624 comments 706
Beyond The Soul (Kai)

Beyond The Soul (Kai)

37 parts / 234 pages, updated Jan 22, 2014GCompleted
(Don't forget!! Bonds Throughout Time and Neptunia's Lost Chapter) The World...has being lost. Thanks to world-spread contamination, the earth has been polluted and r... read more
156,260 reads votes 3,517 comments 423
Eternal Discovery 3: The Lost Saviour

Eternal Discovery 3: The Lost Saviour

23 parts / 90 pages, updated Nov 13, 2013GCompleted
Introducing the Final Part of the Trilogy. The Dark Lord has now declared war and is marching his army to claim the world. Only the hero and his group... read more
20,822 reads votes 747 comments 35
Eternal Courage

Eternal Courage

35 parts / 203 pages, updated Sep 30, 2013PGCompleted
An anime inspired action story. Bio Duelling. The sport that has taken the world by storm. A one-on-one combat between fighters with special powers. Saku, the youngest ch... read more
386,906 reads votes 6,890 comments 1,062
Dead Future

Dead Future

39 parts / 210 pages, updated Jun 19, 2013PG-13Completed
(Don't forget!! Bonds Throughout Time and Neptunia's Lost Chapter) The world, has been destroyed. Buildings lay in rubble, houses lay abandoned and the roads and green fields... read more
60,790 reads votes 1,670 comments 244
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