Hello to all my potential readers. My name is Theodore. I like to play video games and read books. I have been writing fantasy stories for the last...year now. I like reading or playing all kinds of fantasy but...the one's I like the most are the unique ones. The stories that have an original idea.
I like fantasy especially those in Role-playing games the most.

My Most current Projects are
Eternal Spirit. A Modern rebirth of Eternal Discovery
Bonds Throughout Time - A Time Travel Story
And Eternal Courage 3 - Galactic Bonds.

I also have a good series of Stories I've put much effort in creating and hope you enjoy them.

Neptunia's LC A fan fic story

For Anime Lovers there's Eternal Courage and Eternal Courage 2
They are my biggest hits and I'm sure you'll like it too

Beyond the Soul (kai)
An emotional fantasy Story set in the sky above a ruined world.

Eternal Grand Quest
A unique fantasy story based off the anime Sword Art Online

Dead Future
A Apocalyptic story set in the far future. Where people stricken with Amnesia struggle to survive

Lastly My very First Stories the Eternal Discovery Trilogy.

All of these Stories I have put much work into creating and I really hope you can read and enjoy them

Got any questions theodore19@live.co.uk, or connect by Twitter. Username Theodore21 or Facebook Thomas Mullaney
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Bonds Throughout Time

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Description: (On Hold for Now. To fully Start in July) An original time-travel Adventure story. Time...a force without course or end. People age, buildings decay and the moon waxes and wanes. Only one force can withstand father time...the true bonds between pe...

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Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

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(Chapter 35 - Part 1 will be done between 13th- 17th June. Part 2 20th - 24th June. And then Chapter 36...

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Eternal Spirit

Eternal Spirit

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(Arc 2 Chapter 11 to be updated 28th - 31th May. Chapter 12 is online between 4th - 7th June. And Lastly...

Courageous Dreams

Courageous Dreams

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DragonBall: Warriors of XZ (Preview)

DragonBall: Warriors of XZ (Preview)

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(Story to Begin March/April) This is the preview for a possible FanFiction of Dragonball Z The story sta...

Hello to everyone. I'm printing this message for an annoucement concerning my projects.
      From June Bonds Throughout Time is my sole concern.  Not that I'm in a rush but I'd like to finish one of my stories. This way I can shift some focus to Eternal Spirit/Courage 3 but till then these two are on hold. But not yet.
      Courage 3 will be on hold after Chapter 35 is updated. While for Eternal Spirit it'll be on-hold after Arc 2 Chapter 12. Afterwards don't expect any updates till Bonds Throughout Time is finished.
      PS: Courageous Dreams will be updated still but only on the last week of the month.
      Note: Sorry for this and Thank you
DavonteMaddox posted a message to Theodore21
Late to the eternal corage series but im loving it 2days to finish eternal courage 1 now im off too 2 cant wait ps glad i found someone with good finished work
relon45 posted a message to Theodore21
Hello there my friend, a question, the U.N.E. series do you plan on doing any updating? I really would like to see more story here. If you don't plan on writing more, please say so, I will archive the series and continue reading your other works. Please advise. :-) :-)