Hello to all my potential readers. My name is Theodore. I like to play video games and read books. I have been writing fantasy stories for the last...year now. I like reading or playing all kinds of fantasy but...the one's I like the most are the unique ones. The stories that have an original idea.
I like fantasy especially those in Role-playing games the most.

My Most current Projects are 
Eternal Spirit. A Modern rebirth of Eternal Discovery
Bonds Throughout Time - A Time Travel Story 
And Eternal Courage 3 - Galactic Bonds. 

I also have a good series of Stories I've put much effort in creating and hope you enjoy them.

Neptunia's LC A fan fic story

For Anime Lovers there's Eternal Courage and Eternal Courage 2
They are my biggest hits and I'm sure you'll like it too

 Beyond the Soul (kai) 
An emotional fantasy Story set in the sky above a ruined world.

Eternal Grand Quest
A unique fantasy story based off the anime Sword Art Online

Dead Future
A Apocalyptic story set in the far future. Where people stricken with Amnesia struggle to survive 

Lastly My very First Stories the Eternal Discovery Trilogy.

All of these Stories I have put much work into creating and I really hope you can read and enjoy them

Got any questions theodore19@live.co.uk, or connect by Twitter. Username Theodore21 or Facebook Thomas Mullaney
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Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds

Social data: 110K reads. 2.7K votes. 332 comments.

Description: (Chapter 28 is to be updated between 9th-11th) An Action/Fantasy Story with Fighting at the Centre Featuring a Saku before Eternal Courage 1 begins Welcome back to Bio-duelling the sport that has taken the world by storm. Involving fighters with s...

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Eternal Spirit

Eternal Spirit

116K 2K 144

(Arc 2 Chapter 9 released between 6th-9th) The Land Of Zestria...may change. As Can...one's heart Jeal...

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Bonds Throughout Time

Bonds Throughout Time

56.7K 1.3K 105

(Chapter 33 is to be updated between 2nd-4th April) An original time-travel Adventure story. Time...a...

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Courageous Dreams

Courageous Dreams

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Chapter 3 to be Uploaded Between 26th-28th March Dreams. A magical world allowing one to escape reality...

DragonBall: Warriors of XZ (Preview)

DragonBall: Warriors of XZ (Preview)

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(Story to Begin March/April) This is the preview for a possible FanFiction of Dragonball Z The story sta...

After the next update of Bonds Throughout Time, I'll be spending the next few days editing my stories. Between the 28th and 31st of March, I'll be editing and correcting Courage 3 and Bonds Throughout Time.
Nico020 posted a message to Theodore21
hey LOVE  ur stories anddd I can really relate to them !! and pls add a 2nd book for EGQ im Inlove with that story plsssssssssssssssssssss......pls with a cherry on top ??