Hello to all my potential readers. My name is Theodore nice to meet you. I like to play video games and read books.  My Favorite Video games are RPG's where the Majority of my inspiration comes from. Particular favorites are Final Fantasy X and Tales of Xillia 2.

Now a little fact is I have Autism, so my way of writing may not be as detailed, or worded, like professional or expected stories but I do my best. So I feel if I can't understand what's being said...no else can.

My Current Project is Bonds Throughout Time. On hold for now Are Eternal Courage 3 and Eternal Spirit.

I also have an assortment of stories from those based of Anime influence, typical fantasy and two of Video games.

I've put much work into my stories and hope you enjoy them

Got any questions theodore19@live.co.uk, or connect by Twitter. Username Theodore21 or Facebook Thomas Mullaney
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Bonds Throughout Time

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Description: (Next Update of Chapter 39B to be uploaded on the 8th - 10th July) An original time-travel Adventure story. Time...a force without course or end. People age, buildings decay and the moon waxes and wanes. Only one force can withstand father time...

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Courageous Dreams

Courageous Dreams

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Chapter 6 to be uploaded between 10th - 13th July Dreams. A magical world allowing one to escape realit...

Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds (ON HOLD)

Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds (ON HOLD)

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To Continue In Autumn or when Bonds Throughout Time. An Action/Fantasy Story with Fighting at the Centr...

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Eternal Spirit (On Hold)

Eternal Spirit (On Hold)

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DragonBall: Warriors of XZ (Preview)

DragonBall: Warriors of XZ (Preview)

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(Story to Begin March/April) This is the preview for a possible FanFiction of Dragonball Z The story sta...

Soridida posted a message to Theodore21
You write so good! I wish my story would be so detailed and funny, full of emotions. You really understand your characters and I think that you can help people with your story. We reader's can with ease find ourself in your imaginary world. Dont think that your story's dont mean anything. 
      I will read your story's again and again, so i think that their are on the level of Harry Potter, A discovery of witches, Saphirah and many others. 
It's being a while and I've decided to update my profile. I've added a bit more about myself including a little fact about me...which may explain my writing style.
      I've also decided for Autumn, or Winter depending on time I want to do a sequel to my Hyperdimension Neptunia Fanfiction.
      Neptunia's LC 2: Lost in Victory. 
      I quite enjoyed the last story, and the fact I didn't follow really many rules on Story conventions...so I'd like to do another. The Fanfiction story will be set in the third game of the series, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory while using the story of the original. I'll see how it goes and keep you all posted.
      REQUEST: Could anyone who reads this help with a cover for this Story idea? I'll gladly give credit to anyone who can help.
JellORodriguez posted a message to Theodore21
OK for the eternal courage 3 character I my idea is an alien that can change its gender depending in their crush/life partner wants, her name is sydney (you can change it but something that can fit both male and female), before her transformation and when she realizes she wants to be more than a fan(has a crush on Saku ) she should have silver hair moderate bust size and her eyes(normal eye shape but different irises)  should be red hospital crosses she's maybe saku's height, age, (after she has a crush on Saku (him doing something heroic maybe) her hair turns to a strawberry blonde has a more curvy bust (larger than Aries maybe (up to you)XD) Her eyes stay the same her attitude is eccentric but not annoying, her outfits I'm not sure sure about I'm thinking maybe something with converses and striped light and dark blue just spitballing for the outfit, please choose  my idea for a character this is my favorite story on wattpadd ever please continue it for a long time :)