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Hi my name's Shay Lynn. 
I live with my mom and liittle brother.
Wanna know how old I am? Take a guess.
I don't wish to be labeled.
I love many colors,Hate pink.
I still sleep with stuffties and watch cartoons.

I live and breathe music.
Here is some of the music i listen to:
Black veil brides
Green day
Secondhand serenade
Taylor swift
Bruno mars
Blacklisted me
Kelly Clarkson
Three days grace
The Academy is
You know a mix of things. XD

I'm a bit of a nerd too: I love to read

Stories i like:
Tigers curse
Also know as happer
Vladimier tod
House of night
Mostly fantasy :/

I'm a hopeless romantic though I know it'll never happen.
Star sign:Virgo
Moon sign:Taurus
Sun sign:Aries
Chinese zodiac:Fire tiger
The only way i can explain my self is i am the oppsite of what i am yet some how the same.

Other than that I'm like every other tomboy I like to dance and i sing into a hair brush when no ones looking and I want a pet monkey! ;) Okay so maybe not like every other.
And i'll admit I'm crazy,weird,a tad lazy,a pinch random, and just well different but that's okay.
I'm me and you can't change that!


Perfect Little Dolls.

Perfect Little Dolls.

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 03, 2013
121 reads votes 3 comments 3
Demon With A Heart Full Of Love

Demon With A Heart Full Of Love

2 pages, updated Feb 09, 2013
19 reads votes 0 comments 0
Poems of me.

Poems of me.

10 parts / 5 pages, updated Feb 03, 2013G
This is a a bunch of poems I wrote some old some new. Yes there is a story behind each and everyone of these, if you would like to know them just ask.
375 reads votes 6 comments 4


2 parts / 6 pages, updated Nov 07, 2012
60 reads votes 1 comments 1
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