This be Liam @SpoonSex *waves* nd ill do her aweshoome bio cause im nice nd shes a lazy fuckerrr
      Well she's called Saba and she is smoking hot (Iv seen her naked trust me) 
      So what she's my bestie haha I love her <3333
      Hmmm god Saba ur well fucking boring i don't know what to write :O 
      So I'll be off hehe oh yeah warning DON'T MESS WITH HER or I'll fucking kill you with my spoon army got that? 
      Okies so I thought about it and I BE BACCCKKKK BITCHESSS (It's Liam again)
      ~ She is 17 so practically a grandma hah oldie
      ~ She half Persian like a cat
      ~ She loves tanning so she's brown like a orange 0.0
      ~ Obbsessed with makeup and shopping (I get dragged along)
      ~ She models (sometimes underwear hehe)
      ~ She has awesome boobs (I stare when I'm bored)
      ~ I want her babies 
      ~ She is fucking awesome so pm her 
      ~ She is single but she dont really believe in love but try nd change it i dare you 
      ~ She loves coco pops
      ~ She worships Chris brown and Eminem 
      ~ Secret porn star ;)
      ~ She flirts cause she's weird 
      My hubby > @letmelickyou <33
      My spoon >> @SpoonSex (retard)
      Banana Boy >> @BlowMeHoe 
      PM HER YOU SPOON ^.^
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