Okay so I thought of things to say.
One my favorite song safe and song by Taylor swift ft. civil wars I lied it's sloppy seconds by Watsky
Two favorite book that made me cry ( Which is a hard thing to do) The Underneath
Three I have no life AHAHAHA seriously.
Four I love to read
Five I'm like really nice which is a bad thing
Six.... I lost things to say
Seven found more things
Eight I love to write alot more then acting and can stay infront of a computer for days :)
Nine I love video games alot too
Ten I love the avengers movie and supernatural and my dog snores which is annoying as crap.
Eleven my favorite qoute
They blame us but do they ever think who raised us...
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Forever One. (Narnian Fan Fiction)

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Description: Luna a forever one. she has her issues like every other creature in Narina but when Aslan her father comes knocking asking her to watch over four certain children she grudgingly agrees and sets off her adventure preparing to go unseen and unheard as...

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