Hi Lovely Loves! So, you're on my page, DUH...
Well then, I will just get onto the little bit about me. Hmmm, here we go

1. I am Team Jakeward. Jacob in the movies, Edward in the books. But really I'm team Sam Gamgee, I'm a sucker for those Hobbits. 
2. I don't like the color orange, I don't know why, I just don't.
4. I have read the Twilight Saga 126 times, no joke. -.- (And my best friend holds it over my head.)
5. My friends are really weird, but am too, so it works.
6. My favorite color is YELLOW! It's a beautiful color. So bright.
7. Clowns are freaky, not in the good way either.
8. I freaking love bacon, it tastes good...
9. I secertly wish I had bright pink hair. O.o
10. Nail polish... it's the bestest.
11. If my life was a movie it would be called 'Confessions of that One Chick with Changing Hair.'
12. I need to work on my farm animal noises.
13. I like to make weird cupcakes, like Turkeys and Gumballs. YUM
14. The Harry Potters are basically like the best movies ever. Big part of my childhood right there.
15. I cried when I saw Toy Story 3, they almost died, and it was sad.
16. This summer I watched all of Grey's Anatomy, like a BOSS. And then I cried like a baby when Derek got shot... and when Lexi and Mark died.
17. My dog was a sexy beast, I miss her.
18. I once broke my arm, it sucked. And then I got in a car accident and broke my foot. My foot. In a car accident.
19. Ballons are made of air, that's weird.
20. I cried when Stefan left Elena on Vampire Diaries, and I freaked the freak out when he was a doopelgänger... WTH?!
21. Laughing is the best laugter? Wait, that came out wrong.
22. Batman is now better then Superman, GO BATMAN.
24. I always choose to be awesome.
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