Tonia Stark, aka the alter ego of world-known genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark, at your service. *does magical bow thing* Only difference is, I'm not a billionaire, playboy(girl?) or a philanthropist. However, I AM an EVIL genius. >:D

I'm quite the opposite of Tony, really. Though I admire him for his cool metal body suit that can fly (SERIOUSLY, THAT IS MY LIFE'S GOAL - TO FLY) and shoot laser beams, I enjoy living my quiet, weird life.

I really like a lot of things. And I dislike a bunch of other things, but I don't hate anything but hate itself. My absolute favourite thing is music. Honestly, I can listen to anything. I have a really wide taste in music, but not so much in food. I'm all about flavour, and if the food is bland and boring, I'll just be crying over it...and then it shall be salty with my tears...

Uhh…where is this about me even going? Have I mentioned I'm terrible with talking about myself? Yeah, I really hate getting attention. It makes me squirm and I can never accept when I do something RIGHT. But I'm working on accepting that I'm not an idiot ALL the time. ;P

But reading, though. Reading is wonderful. So is writing. So are TV shows. And stuff. 


Okay, I'm going to end this here, because you know someone has nothing more to say when they say "and stuff". (Really, that sounds like someone queuing another person to stuff a turkey...or a human being with fluff...o_O)

'kay bye. 


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@TrafficCop - I happen to make graphics on WP occasionally.

@J-E_Stark - My joint account with @JamieMc where we do character clashes and we're also writing a story together.

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Furtive Affairs

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Tag, You're It: Twenty Things About Me Challenge-Thing

Tag, You're It: Twenty Things About Me Challenge-Thing

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This Blinding Smoke (Emorti Duology #1) *ROUGH DRAFT*

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Beyond These Rocky Shores (Emorti Duology #2)

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Hey guys, so I don't really do shout outs or really even send messages out to you guys, but it's my watty friend @lokiofasgard_ 's birthday today and she's also a great author, so I thought I'd promote her series "The Daemon Legacies"

Like historical fiction and/or fantasy with a dash of romance and adventure, well then The Daemon Legacies is a series you MUST READ NOW! I haven't finished the first book (yet. BE VERY AWARE THAT I SAY "YET" - I /WILL/ CONQUER THIS BOOK AT SOME POINT) but just from what I read, I can see loki is a very promising writer. Her scenes are vivid, not to mention totally amazing characters and…a plot twist that will destroy all of you. She's a fellow RRS victim, and she does the cliffhanger-heart-break thing very well! Not to mention, Pandemonium is already completed meaning no waiting for updates - and the second book (Anarchy) is VERY close to completion! I think she's going to have the story completed in the next few days. Besides, loki isn't like SOME authors (*cough* you know who I'm talking about…her name starts with an E *cough*) who abandon their story for weeks. 

Not to mention, she's just a fabulous person, as well as a writer! Seriously, go check out The Daemon Legacies! YOU WILL BE AMAZED BY HOW WONDERFUL IT IS. :')

Link to Pandemonium: http://www.wattpad.com/story/11430892-pandemonium-completed-tdl-book-1
Link to Anarchy: http://www.wattpad.com/story/21456791-anarchy-ongoing-tdl-book-2

Shine On, my friends! <3

:3 Hehe, I thought you learned cliffhangers and me mix so well I can't bear to part with them. ;)


I would have ran away as soon as I heard the Rahkes. xD No wait, I would have already been dead. PRobably would have tripped on a rock and broke my face lol


true two Gods
Hehe, well, one doesn't unleash the oasis. There isn't a key or anything, but he does want to overthrow the current ruler because their city follows the religion of Ishrom, and not the one of the two gods. So if they kill the Hescor, they can force their religion upon the citizens. And you'll see how they do that soon. ;)