Heylo! (Hey+Hello. Yes I can make up words like this. Shakespeare made up a bunch of 'em, so I might as well expand the English language with my mad word-creating skillz.)

My pen name is Tonia Stark (don't ask me how to pronounce that, because I don't even know). All you need to know is that I'm the female alter-ego of Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man a.k.a dude who kicks Captain America's butt any day.

I'm both a reader and writer on here. My favourite genres would be fantasy (my one true love), historical fiction (I really can't read/write stuff that are set in the modern world), some paranormal, epic fantasy political thrillers, and the occasional romance (But if the guy's a possessive jerk, or the girl a whiny dog, count me out).

Even if I love reading/writing, sometimes I think music is my first love. I enjoy nearly all genres, but I'm pretty picky about songs with lyrics, so I tend to listen more to soundtrack, orchestral and classical music. I play piano and flute, though I'm not that great at either.

FOOD IS LIFE, THOUGH. Eating good food gives me so much joy, I want to cry just talking about my favourites. Give me five-star meals and I'll probably even do your homework for you. ;) And last thing about moi: My guilty pleasure is watching Barbie movies even though I'm waaayy too old for them. Nowadays, I just watch them to make snarky comments teehee)

Anyway, thanks for reading about me (you stalkers ;D) and I hope you have time to check out any of my stories! And feel free to say hi or bye or yo or yolo (okay, not the last one x3) I like meeting new and awesome people on Wattpad!

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This was a really interesting beginning. Already I'm curious to know what exactly she's running from - her father, the kingdom? It seems more than that. And why did her brother let her go? Is it some sort of game to him? Maybe he actually wants her to be safe? :o Hmm, interesting. 

I also like the writing - it's mysterious, but there was a dialogue punctuation error in one part. Also, the beginning part of the prologue had a bit more telling rather than showing, which you could revise later on. 

But you've set up quite an interesting premise - I love stories that span kingdoms and are filled with politics and greed and secrets. Great beginning! :)

Shine On!
TheresNo_Rush posted a message to Smilies
Your book covers are life!
How have you been??
Can't wait to catch up on reading some of your books XD
Turns out I'm not dead or missing
I just lack a lot of time :')

Your writing itself is still as awesome as ever. It's descriptive and sometimes I felt things could be cut out, but most of the time, the description keeps me interested (and in love) and I thought it was a very good balance. There's just SO much mystery and depth to this story already, and you're keeping me on my toes! I don't know why I haven't continued reading this…:\ Gosh, I'm so bad. 

But I promise I will. I genuinely do want to read on, because this is the type of genre that I enjoy reading! Also, I'm afraid for Winter and I really want Tamer to be good, but at the same time I've hated what he's done, and I feel like there's still more to him than what we've seen. I don't know if he's lying about actually loving Winter and my inner heart turmoil is growing. x3 Ahh, you're amazing for making my emotions such a mess!

Great chapter! And Shine On!

What an AWESOME CHAPTER!! Ahh, it left me awestruck *-*

In paragraph 3 three were a lot of semicolons. x3 Honestly, I'm still iffy about the correct usage of semi-colons, so whenever I see them I start panicking, but I just thought three in one paragraph was too much. XD But I wouldn't know if it's a legit mistake or not. 

(page 1)"His red eyes [bared] a hatred for her…" I think you meant to use "bore" here? Maybe…?

(page 2)"Winter could feel the wolf inside him read [it's] head…" Should be "its" without the apostrophe.

After that I stopped caring about little nitpicks and just enjoyed the ride. XD Wow, WHAT A CHAPTER!! I remember what happened in the previous one (somewhat faintly since it's been a while) but I like this chapter even more! It was nice and quiet, and I really thought Tamer was evil but it turns out he didn't even know about what was going on until the day before? For some reason, I feel like there's more to it, but I'm hoping Tamer's actually good, so I don't wanna think badly of him. <3

I do like how Winter's thinking now. Sure, he's her fiancé but he still tried to get you killed! I'm glad she's not falling all over him and she actually considered stabbing him and running. That part made me laugh. xD

And the thing about Tamer physically being unable to defy Cerberus/Wolf Man/King/Creature…so it's like he's a slave of some sort? Or…I'm curious to know how that works exactly. And this sacrifice thing is so cool. I've always liked stories that have human sacrifices for some reason.