Tonia Stark, aka the alter ego of world-known genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark, at your service. *does magical bow thing* Only difference is, I'm not a billionaire, playboy(girl?) or a philanthropist. However, I AM an EVIL genius. >:D

I'm quite the opposite of Tony, really. Though I admire him for his cool metal body suit that can fly (SERIOUSLY, THAT IS MY LIFE'S GOAL - TO FLY) and shoot laser beams, I enjoy living my quiet, weird life.

Hmm, but seriously, about the real me. There's not much to tell, I grew up weird, I ended up weird, and I really think my future is gonna be super weird so that sums me up. Basically. But being legit now, I love cats, especially those cute/ugly really fluffy angry looking ones like grumpy cat. Hehehe. I also, like dogs, but they don't like me and I've been attacked/bitten/chased by dogs many times so…yeah, not happening. I like food. A LOT. Make me food and you'll be my favourite person. Preferably something 5 Star, because I only settle for top quality services. ;) …and that wink was totally unnecessary. 

Totally ending this on an awkward note…
'kay bye. 


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Yay! I updated TBS! After like two weeks!!! I've been so busy this past week, but I've finally got a bit of time to breathe and write! Finally Philip's introduction to the story (though I'm not entirely satisfied with it x3) and OLIVER OH MY GOSH HE WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE. xD He's just so evil to Via and I feel so bad for her, but I love him and *conflicting emotions* (reference to the chapter title ;D)

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Also, if you were wondering about updates of Oasis of Blood, I've finally gotten over a bit of a block and I'm gonna work on it during Christmas Break!! =D

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Smilies commented on Umbra - •Four• Executions

:o Wow…this was so dark I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD THIS IN YOU loljk I liked it. And I think the dynamic with Kaethe and Cassian is interesting. Loved the last line. He brings out the bad parts of her, but she loves him. Makes me wonder why. I'm sure there's /some/ reason why she loves him that we just don't know about yet. I mean, it's hard to overlook something like being a murder, or a cannibal, or something like that. It's interesting, and I have so many questions that I can't wait to be answered! I feel like there's a plot bigger brewing as each event is written, something we're not going to notice until you tell us, and we'll be like, "WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THE SIGNS?!?!" Great chapter!!!!! =DDD

Oooh very mysterious! ;D I'm wondering what Ozias' real reasons for coming to Umbra are. I guess the darkness of this country is going to be a real shock to him. I also love his name so much *_* I feel like maybe he's in Umbra to enlighten the evil people or something?? Try to change them for the better? I dunno. It's so cool and mysterious. I love it!

One thing I can suggest is in the first paragraph, try to make the sentences flow a bit more? :D That's all! Loved the chapter and I can't wait to see more of Ozias and what his role in the story is really gonna be!!! =D


Great chapter!!! *-* Oh my gosh, I started reading a few days ago, and I started again today, but I clicked the second page, and the first thing I read was "Pass it on" from Aldreon, and immidietly I just imagined Elfy as this school child whispering to their friend "Pass it on" as they giggled. XDD OHMYGOSH. Dunno why I'd share that, just that it made me laugh so hard I dropped the cookie in my hand. xDDD

But on to the chapter! This was such a nice buildup! I've missed this story! <3 But it's been a while since TRP, so I forget who Lionse is. I should seriously re-read TRP one of these days so my memory doesn't continue to fail me! xP But Ervyra is so smart! Hehe, I like how she's risking her life for Irila, but I feel like things would be different if she knew that Irila tried to kill her family. :l (that happened, right?) Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I'm just so braindead now and I can't remember anything. xP

BUTTTTT ANYWAY, I can't wait to see how her plan plays out! I bet things will be…interesting, when the rebels find out she's the princess. But I don't think they'll give her up so easily. o_o Maybe Irila's not worth exchanging for the princess, I dunno. I feel like the rebels might try to make more bargains and Ervyra will be in a bit of trouble and - *gasps* I just can't wait! I'm getting way ahead of myself! xD

But this was a great chapter! =D