Hello, humans, robots and stalkers, welcome to my little world. (aka my Wattpad page. xD)

I'm Smilies, but my pen-name on Wattpad is Tonia Stark (a play on the name of Tony Stark, Iron Man, and the person who kicks Captain America's butt ANYDAY)

My favourite things/people consist of: BOOKS (Don't get me started on my favourites, but you can check out my goodreads for my favourite published books, and my "Wattpad's Finest" reading list for my favourite WP books), FOOD, MUSIC (Orchestral and Movie Scores, mainly), TV SHOWS (Merlin, The Musketeers, Arrow, The Flash, Sherlock, etc.), MOVIES (Too many to list, but I love good Animated Movies), Family, Friends, AND YOU PEOPLE ON WATTPAD! ^-^

I don't really hate much, but I get easily annoyed by close-minded, mean, prideful, belief-shoving, unjust people who have double standards. One thing I DO hate ALL THE TIME are clueless jay-walking-when-i-have-a-green-light pedestrians and horn-honking, speeding drivers who give you nasty looks. -.-

Hope you enjoy your stay, and check out my stories if any of them catch your eye! I don't take read requests (ESPECIALLY not from strangers), so please don't ask me to read your story. (I HATE when people falsely compliment my work and then proceed to ask me to read theirs - DO NOT DO THAT!)
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@TrafficCop - I happen to make graphics on WP occasionally.

@J-E_Stark - My joint account with @JamieMc where we do character clashes and we're also writing a story together (though it's a bit on hold atm)

@FantasyHeroines - A massive collab account with Loki, Jamie, Sorah, Livia and Nour. :3

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Thank you! =) Haha you thought he was cute? xD I just thought he was there :P But I'm glad you've felt some sort of emotion towards him even though I never really intended it! LOL! That's cool though. xD Haha thought I'd introduce it like that rather than being like "Oliver looked down at his arm and saw the carvings" and then proceed to info dump on what they are. XD LOL! Thanks for the comment!

Hahaha I hear ya - my favourite to read are historical (mainly victorian) fiction, or something that feels like a historical fiction, so this novel is a bit different from what I normally write as well! ^-^ I've never actually written a high fantasy novel - especially one in such a setting :o

Thanks for the comment :) Usually I try to reply to comment but most of the time people comment for payment of some sort (for graphics) so I don't usually reply to those unless I'm not busy. I've hadn't had much time to reply to comments lately which really sucks :( But I'm glad you enjoyed this part!
      Yeah, I figured there'd be some typos at least. xD Don't have an editor of my own so there's bound to be way more in the story :P Hope it doesn't deter you from reading though!
Mcfisher posted a message to Smilies
Haha this morning I was going through who I followed and I accidentally unfollowed you and then I had to refollow you, so it looks like I'm so indecisive XD.

Ah wow! I'm glad you feel that way! ^-^ Hahaa, she may not die…not yet, anyway :P Can't say anything for certain. Really, it depends on my mood, the weather, the alignment of the stars, everything xD
      Oh yes, he might. Probably more because *cough* Viallet is special ;)
      I think I mentioned Elias Travern before, and Viallet was supposed to find him. Mrs Morgan said she has to find him when Corvus attacked the manor. But I never mention LUEUR is ELIAS until this point! :D
      Oh, you're absolutely welcome!! :D Thank YOU for reading and always leaving such wonderful comments on this story! Means a lot to me. :DDDD