Tonia Stark, aka the alter ego of world-known genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark, at your service. *does magical bow thing* Only difference is, I'm not a billionaire, playboy(girl?) or a philanthropist. However, I AM an EVIL genius. >:D

I'm quite the opposite of Tony, really. Though I admire him for his cool metal body suit that can fly (SERIOUSLY, THAT IS MY LIFE'S GOAL - TO FLY) and shoot laser beams, I enjoy living my quiet, weird life.

I really like a lot of things. And I dislike a bunch of other things, but I don't hate anything but hate itself. My absolute favourite thing is music. Honestly, I can listen to anything. I have a really wide taste in music, but not so much in food. I'm all about flavour, and if the food is bland and boring, I'll just be crying over it...and then it shall be salty with my tears...

Uhh…where is this about me even going? Have I mentioned I'm terrible with talking about myself? Yeah, I really hate getting attention. It makes me squirm and I can never accept when I do something RIGHT. But I'm working on accepting that I'm not an idiot ALL the time. ;P

But reading, though. Reading is wonderful. So is writing. So are TV shows. And stuff. 


Okay, I'm going to end this here, because you know someone has nothing more to say when they say "and stuff". (Really, that sounds like someone queuing another person to stuff a turkey...or a human being with fluff...o_O)

'kay bye. 


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This Blinding Smoke (Emorti Duology #1) *ROUGH DRAFT*

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Beyond These Rocky Shores (Emorti Duology #2)

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Heyyy, readers! New chapter is up! Please don't be silent readers - do vote and comment! I really love to hear what people think. xD Otherwise, there's no way to know if I'm doing something right or wrong!

Not much Nara in this chapter, but Vahlasio's shaping to be a more identifiable character, and starts to become more important. Well, he /will/ be playing a more important role as the events unfold. :)



One of my biggest pet peeves is when people cast flawless looking models or celebrities as their characters. I mean, sometimes famous people do look like how our characters are pictured, and it's okay to have casts, but I like to imagine for myself. /Even/ I have a somewhat distinct cast for this book, but I only use them for the covers and banners throughout the story. :3

The man's lips quirked upward in the vaguest smile and he approached her with a faint limp in his step. "You look as if you've glimpsed hell, miss."
Hehe, I hope you do imagine at least some sort of European accent for the characters, because they definitely don't speak in American/North American accents. :3

Don't forget to vote and comment if you liked and want to let me know your thoughts! =)
@JamieMc Oh, it's honestly no problem. I understand NaNo's taking up a lot of your time, so it's an honour you can even /read/ during your busy schedule! :D

HEHE YES. I'm so excited to explain this who-will-be-the-next-ruler thing. It's so different than the process we usually think - like the sons are the next heir, or if not, the closest male relative. BUT I'm so excited to get into it. However, the Hescia will not be getting to rule the city.