Tonia Stark, aka the alter ego of world-known genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark, at your service. *does magical bow thing* Only difference is, I'm not a billionaire, playboy(girl?) or a philanthropist. However, I AM an EVIL genius. >:D

I'm quite the opposite of Tony, really. Though I admire him for his cool metal body suit that can fly (SERIOUSLY, THAT IS MY LIFE'S GOAL - TO FLY) and shoot laser beams, I enjoy living my quiet, weird life.

I really like a lot of things. And I dislike a bunch of other things, but I don't hate anything but hate itself. My absolute favourite thing is music. Honestly, I can listen to anything. I have a really wide taste in music, but not so much in food. I'm all about flavour, and if the food is bland and boring, I'll just be crying over it...and then it shall be salty with my tears...

Uhh…where is this about me even going? Have I mentioned I'm terrible with talking about myself? Yeah, I really hate getting attention. It makes me squirm and I can never accept when I do something RIGHT. But I'm working on accepting that I'm not an idiot ALL the time. ;P

But reading, though. Reading is wonderful. So is writing. So are TV shows. And stuff. 


Okay, I'm going to end this here, because you know someone has nothing more to say when they say "and stuff". (Really, that sounds like someone queuing another person to stuff a turkey...or a human being with fluff...o_O)

'kay bye. 


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@J-E_Stark - My joint account with @JamieMc where we do character clashes and we're also writing a story together.

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lokiofasgard_ posted a message to Smilies
HOW ARE YOU? I see you've fallen victim to these new fangled obstacle courses they seem to call profiles XD
I just found out that I have an English test on my birthday D: AND THERE'S NO SCHOOL ON THE 29TH BUT THERE IS ON THE 30TH LIKE WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST ME HM? *sigh* oh well
OH OH and first quarter ends on my birthday too so lots of stress there cause it's the last day to get good grades and ASDFGHJKL WHAT A DAY TO TURN 16.
I dunno if they do it on purpose, but we always seem to get homework packets from all teachers in the same week like ugh it's already almost 10pm and I still have a two page essay to write, a powerpoint to finish, another slideshow to finish, and then another one page essay to write AND IT'S ALL DUE TOMORROW

She closed her eyes, relishing the peace within the walls of the church, only opening them as the priest came forward, and the service began for Katarina Rosewood. 
@KaraSchwartz0 Oh my gosh hahahaha okay good. XD Sadly Kat's not going to end up with anyone...:( but a part of me did ship Katdrian (is that a thing? okay it is xD)

I was a bit freaked out when I read the first comment though lol :P