My name is Shauna, but all my life my nickname has been Shaunee, so please feel free to use which ever.
I'm 18, i live in Ireland, and i just finished my first year in college.
I study Communications in Creative Multimedia which means every day, i draw, create, write and take photographs <3
I love reading, i always have
I'm a veggie
i love animals,
Cats are my favourite
Yellow is a colour that just describes me.
my favourite number is four.
I have the best boyfriend a girl could dream of, he is my best friend, we've been together for three years <3  he's my cinema buddy which is pretty important because the cinema is my safe zone, neither of us drink (and if we do its a rare occasion!!) so the cinema is somewhere we hide out every chance we get!
My family are so important to me, id be lost without them, my mam even gave me the inspiration to write my book Keep Them In The Dark!
I have an obsession with Unicorns, and if know me personally, you know not to mention them around me!!
I am a coffee addict.
I love sugar and energy drinks.
i have four Tattoos, i don't think im addicted, but my family claim i am, i have my two feet and ribs tattooed, all have very personal meanings to me, that some people wouldn't understand, but i promise i will never regret a single dot of ink that is on my body.

Wattpad has been my place of hiding since early 2009, then i decided to make an account and start working on here.
There are so many talented authors on this site, and i can not get enough of some of there work!!

XxGemmixX is both my friend in real life and on Wattpad, she has had so many fantastic story ideas over the years and she finally posted her first book on Wattpad. Its called Abused By and it is just WOW, go check it out you'll love it <3

Well I think thats pretty much me, i creative, out going, random, hyper and i think im a kind hearted person <3


Okay, well, fan vote, if you have something for me to read link me!
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