About ME: >.<
- I love to read!
- I love music with a passion
- I play video games with my bro
-Truth is I am addicted to FACEBOOK!
-and I play all kinds of sports

Favorite Books
* Harry Potter Series
*Twilight Saga
*Vampire Knight (Manga)
*Bleach (Manga)
* The Drake Chronicles
*Percy Jacksom series

My F@vorite MOVIES! #1: Harry Potter and Twilight ( cause i cant decide) #2: Hunger Games #3: Grown Ups #4: The Avengers (but spider mans not there :( )
My all time two favorite Movies Are Percy Jackson & the lightning theif Logan Lerman is fucken SEXY! and The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

Best Qualit
{My abbility to make people smile in the hardest times}

Best Feature
^Smile^ or so they tell me

Favorite Sports <3
          and a bit of TRACK

Abit about my Sports Life:
(BasketBall)_ I am Co_Captain of the SMS COBRAS! 
(Soccer)_ [Not Captain] = I am Star Defender of my team and I play as goalie for penalties cause no matter how strong the shot I'll block it
(VolleyBall)_ #1 Captain and Ace of the team 

                      For Now thats all Ican think of!
                                     -- @SEXY_HAIR_FREAK >.<
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    Somerton, Arizona
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