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 SpongeBob and The Smurfs with all my heart I adore
If I had a time machine, I would like to see a dinosaur
Sleep, I can never have enough and always want more
I wouldn't mind spending my life in a chocolate store.

 I absolutely love to read and write
I wish the day could be only dawn, twilight, and night
In the dark tunnels of life, if I can’t see then I imagine the light
To me, nothing is ever just black or white.

 Pink, purple, black, red, silver, and sky-blue
I can never pick just one thing no matter what you ask me to do
Only God can judge me, her, him, them, and you
If you can’t be so with others, then at least to yourself always be true

 My imagination runs too deep and wild and I practically live in my day dreams
I hate it when I get attached to people and they turn out different than what they seem

 I forgive but I never forget
I make mistakes but I never regret

 I believe that everyone has a ‘Secret Spark’ inside
And that no emotion should ever be asked to hide

 Talking to strangers tends to be easy
So I’m right here for you if you ever need me

 I know that this is really lame
But you read this far so you’re the one to blame.

 You’re probably one of the very few people to have actually read an “about me” till the end! Come on, give yourself a standing ovation! Doesn’t that feel good? ;)

 Thanks for your time, love, have a nice day ☃

~ Tima (: <3
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writergirl_1 posted a message to SecretSpark
I agree with what you are saying.But if your parents raised you to act how they do you would not know any better. They truly believe their God has put it on their hearts to eliminate certain people. I am not justifying it but it is the values and customs they have been raised with that make them act in such a way.
This comment may be offensive.
I think that one of the biggest problems – if not the all-time biggest problem - of the world is people executing devilish actions in the name of God and religion. All religions are about love and kindness and not a single one ever motivated people to kill but rather threatened against it.

 “We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.” This is a line from the Qur’an in which God addresses Prophet Mohammad that he was sent to spread mercy – not amongst Muslims, not amongst believers, not amongst Arabs, and not even merely amongst humans, but amongst “all creatures”. Islam was never about terrorism; Islam fought terrorism. People terrorizing in God’s name is not the religion’s fault.

 People get murdered on daily bases and the world turns a blind eye, but when it happened to “Charlie Hebdo,” the whole world flipped and stood in support of the magazine. Many of these people were Muslims who, despite the magazine’s insults to their Prophet, found the act monstrous and inexcusable. So I just can’t believe that the magazine’s first attempt at getting back up on its feet is yet another blow at Prophet Mohammad and at Muslims. All religions deserve respects. This is absurd.