Heya, my name is Sara and I'm from that little country named Portugal, yes we exist and no, we don't belong to Spain. I've been in this world for about 17 years now.

Some facts about my persona : 

- Yes, it's true I've red hair;
- You couldn't guess but I like to write.....
-Yes, i escape from by problems by listening to good music. (for example, anaconda by Nicki Minaj.....)
 - Yes, I know half of the time we can't understand what Matty is singing about but I would still keep him  in my closet.
-Yes, I'm a woman. 
-Yes, I do love mother nature, thank you for providing me oxygen everyday.
- Yes, i have a big, not healthy, obsession over The 1975 and I would like to take them home and keep them in my closet. Although I'm sure George wouldn't fit in there.
- Yes, I have already seen the dudes from The 1975 alive and it was like being on drugs while not taking drugs. Ya feel me? 
- No, I don't have a booger in my nose (my sister keeps saying that) , it's called a nose ring.
-I'm not a morning person, in fact I will stab you if you start cracking up jokes while I'm in a bad mood.
-I'm a nice person that likes to read for two hours straight and then cry over how miserable her life is compared to the book.

FunFact: Half of the time im dreaming about living in a house by myself and Im married with Matty but apparently he doesnt know...

PS: If anyone needs help, or needs to vent about something, im here to help (:

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M.A ILY (Em Português) (em revisão)

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