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Country: Portugal

Age: 17

-Im a cry baby, i cry about everything (not proud of that);
-I have a good sense of humor (i think);
-I dont like when people pressure me into something;
-If i send you a text saying “poop” that means you are one of my best friends;
-I like to write and listen to good music;
-I hate when people tell me to speak lower; 
-I hate when people wake me up screaming;
-I loooooveee nature;
-Im not a morning person, in fact i will stab you if you start cracking up jokes while im in a bad mood.

FunFact: Im married with Matthew Healey from The1975 but he doesnt know.

-----> Hey check my friends out :
 @keane7 chuchu *-*
 @MiaObrien fofa :3
 @AnaRitaTW fedorenta xD

TGBG : Humor #133 / Romance #903 (24/6/2014)
TGBG: Humor #34 / Romance #205 (25/6/2014)
M.A ILY : Teen Fiction #716 / Romance #797 (29/6/2014)
TGBG: Humor #442 (13/9/2014)

                            DONT MAKE ME SNAP MY FINGER INTO Z FORM!


The Good Bad Girl [Em Português]

The Good Bad Girl [Em Português]

Humor #52 / Romance #261
7 parts / 12 pages, updated Sep 12, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Ser a BadGirl ou Bitch da escola parece ser uma tarefa fácil. Lana Evans, a BadGirl da Escola Secundária de Oxford prova o contrário: "Eu tenho... read more
7,872 reads votes 367 comments 134
M.A ILY (Em Português) (em revisão)

M.A ILY (Em Português) (em revisão)

31 parts / 65 pages, updated Jun 25, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
O que acontece quando alguém se apaixona pelo seu Melhor Amigo? Kate Walker sabe muito sobre esse assunto, desde criança que conhece Luke Cosb... read more
57,642 reads votes 2,371 comments 584
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