Im a fan of romance, a really big fan thats why im telling you this first!
      I always have been and always will be mad when it come to reding romantic stories;
      1.I DONT read books past the first page, if i dont like them!
      2.I DONT become a fan of a writer if i dont love their writing style!
      3.I ONLY comment if i think the books is one in a million!
      (To get me to do any of the above three, you would have to be absolutely AWESOME!)
      Facts about me;
      -Im still in school, though i cant wait to get out there
      -Im a really, really, really picky eater (i hate meat, shell fish, APRICOTS, OLIVES AND..well i could go on for ever but dont want to bore you to death, so i'll stop)
      -I love all music except ones that make you tone death like my friends snoring 
      -My friends all really strangely have nothing in common with me, which is strange, cos i dont bother to talk to those i dont like. I suprise myself though, cos i still put up with them, even when they make me feel like murdering them. I know im really hard to befriend, even if i say so myself, so my friends have  really unique and out going personalities so that they can aid to cover up my bitchness. 
      Passions, that are very limited;
      -Reading (i rarely read non-romantic books unless writer happens to captivate me)
      -Painting (lthis hobby, is really only done 3 or 4 times a year, though, on huge canvases)
      -Anime and manga (obviously i read manga and watch the anime but most the animes that i watch are incomprehensible so i need subtitles)
      Goals are;
      -Read loads of watpad books that fit my criteria which i have babled on about, alot!
      -Write my own book, which i dont think will happen soon because;
      1. I babble alot.
      2. I will finish the whole book first then publish it.
      3. Im a perfectionists so i will check over the  book atleast 100 times before publishing it. 
      Thats about all i have to say about myself..for now!
      (Not sorry for boring you to death because you wouldn't be reading this if you were) LOL
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