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Name Steph Denise Jones
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Hey my name is Steph, i live my dad Alan and youngest brother Bryn, who is a fellow wattpader (whoop) lol. Anyways i love my family to bits and would do anything for them, they are my everything.
I would say im like any other 22 year old, but my dad would disagree with me instantly, as i like nothing better than curling up with a good book, cup of coffee and my cat Pernod, surrounded by my family. Another thing my dad would disagree with, as he says and i quote ' you never notice we are there when you are reading you become so lost in the book' alas this is true. When it comes to reading a good book i become oblivious to everything around me.

What can i tell you about me that wont bore you to death??? 
Lets start with my hobbies:-

. Well first off, if you haven't already guessed it, im a BIG fan of reading. I can and will read for hours, romance of any kind (vampire, werewolf ect) is my preferred genre, but im open to suggestions lol. I love books with 20 pages or more, but i also love the suspense of having to wait for the next chapter on some of the books on here. SUGGESTIONS PEOPLE. 

. I like to write and as listed below is one of my books. Needs some tuning but there you go. I've never claimed to be the worlds greatest writer. I love writing just as much as reading, hopefully i can make just one person as happy reading my books as i am writing it.

. Another hobbie of mine is spending time with my dad and brother playing pool. Yep you read right pool, im a complete sucker for it hehehe.

Anyway enough rambling on my hobbies, I will give you some words to describe me as a person.
1) Very family orientated
2) Down right crazy
3) completely random
4) We will stop now, don't want to scare you all away lol.

I happened by the wattpad website completely by accident, and decided to check it out. Imagine my delight when it represented my all time favorite pass time. Reading. And on that note ill let you get back to it



Pure And Captured (on hold until further notice)

Pure And Captured (on hold until further notice)

10 parts / 46 pages, updated Mar 12, 2012PG-13
“Why have you come back?” The quiet question came from behind them; there was no mistaking that deep voice. Turning around with a raised eyeb... read more
1,492 reads votes 43 comments 28


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