Im Raquel or i guess you can call me Rachel which ever one, means the same. :) 
I've been in wattpad forever reading every story that interest me, mostly the stories are about.. Vampires, Shool, or anything that has teens life .. lol one way to put it. 
In my head there's my world but i never written stories before, but i could try.. maybe sometime though. 
Ill see when their ready to let loose.  :)
My fave Color: Lavender w/ a hint of silver, & my second is baby blue.
My languages: are English & Spanish but i know alot more Eng/ than Spanish.
& I like any kind of music really.  & lastly I luv trends like cloths that are in style.
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Rstar15 commented on Forever Tainted - Epilogue

    I'd apparently created a disorder called multiple personality, my alter-ego was the cause of this. The girl that I had created in my head was down to the frequent psychological distress I had...
Whaaat?? Where does one find a case like that? Pls do tell
Rstar15 commented on Forever Tainted - Epilogue

But his slap of the wrist sentence was my fault. When there was a small trial held for the evidence against him, keeping the baby had the judge and jury frown upon me and question why. But they didn‚...
If they found Nathan DNA on her than what about Mires??