1.25.15 my king won the royal rumble c:

"we're in love and we don't care who knows it."

"i do not wiggle."

roman reigns, seth rollins, dean ambrose, randy orton, and john cena are my saviors, happiness, and husbands. ♡

taken 4.2.14 ily ♡

chicago native x 15 years young

you're looking at the future women's champion.

there's always a darkest hour in your life before the dawn 

cut promo's, not your wrists. if you ever feel suicidal, feel free to message me and i will be glad to help. 

no one barely knows half of the tough things ive been through, but i made it. 

some days i feel like im the ugliest thing on earth, the other half knows im the shit.

2k wonderful followers ♡

when i walk in sit up straight, i don't give a fuck if i was late. 

roman reigns is mine and always has been. im used to fangirls and their silly dreams. keep thinking you are when but really, you ain't shit so.. ♡

renee young, brie bella, naomi, nattie, paige, trish stratus, lita, chyna, and stephanie mcmahon are my lovely, beautiful, talented queens. ♡	

life is too short to live with regrets xx

wwe is my addiction.

i would rather spend time with food than people in real life.

red velvet cake is my weakness.

comics, netflix. 

writing books are my passion.

common nickname, cher, cherbear, pretty brown eyes, queen. ♡

lana del rey slays.

real eyes realize real lies.

you can stand in line for the throne, but it's gonna be a while before im done being queen.

everytime you're a 9, im a 10. everytime you're a king, im an ace. im always just a little bit better than you.

welcome to the queendom, where the kings bow down.

daja. taroon. amber. laken. sarah. ella. leo. scarlett. erin. taylor. amy. varsha.

c'est cela l'amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour.

kik ; adoringmoxley

instagram ; iadoremoxley

backup account ; iadoremoxley
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Hate That I Love You (Wwe)

Hate That I Love You (Wwe)

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Wwe Imagine Oneshots *Requests Closed*

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WWE Oneshots for WWE Fans who requested them will be posted, but for now requests are closed. Copyright...



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i say what i want. if you don't like it, feel free to wait for me to give a fuck or two.

Secrets (WWE)

Secrets (WWE)

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They said I was crazy, so I went along with it. Copyright ⓒ 2014 RomanReignsGirl

RomanReignsGirl commented on Behind Castle Walls - Chapter Eleven.

aw dean! i feel so bad for him but he's the one who cringes at the world relationship. he should have grown balls a bit sooner. dolph and renee are adorable but something tells me that he's not a good guy like he is currently rn towards renee. i also have a bad feeling with jericho bc he's married and has three kids, & a woman on the side which is paige. hopefully paige can come to life and actually wake up & see what she's getting herself into, and possibly get to know roman more bc I know for a fact he would treat her right (: i honestly read Paige's words with her accent in my head i could just imagine her saying it lol. but im anxious for the next chapter. update soon xoxo
RomanReignsGirl commented on New Romantics [WWE] - Chapter 1

i love this first chapter & book so far, hopefully her & paige will get along for this storyline. dean is beating her no! she's too gorgeous for that tbh. I wonder what paige is going to do once she finds out how Dean is treating her. AJ needs to tell someone. amazing update soon xoxo