My name is Raven, but you can call me snake ;) 
      1st things 1st, this is an OC account, my real account is @Ravensnake :3 so dont fan me, fan that account!! xD
      As I said, I'm Raven. Im 16 (and a half ;3 ) and I live at Wammys House <3 
      I'm kindof obsessed with Pokemon and my favourite food is LICORICE xD (yesh, I am THAT weird...)
      Link/ @CookieGamer is mah bifl person ;)
      I think Near is AWESOME, but im pretty shy around ppl I don't know :S (so if he sees this: HAI NEAR!!! ILY!!! xD )
      *don't know what to write now..*
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    Chillin with mah walrus peeps
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