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Hi i won't give my name cause I'm paranoid hope people can respect that and my friend showed me thins website and i loved it . I love cats and reading, especially books about any teen paranormal fiction. some of my favorite series are:
<The mortal instruments>
<anything by L. J. Smith>
<and a lot of other ones that i can't even count!>

i usually stick to real books like with pages and stuff but when my friend showed me this website i fell in love with some of the stories. check out my reading list i have some pretty good ones in it so byeeeee 

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The Girl with the Violet Eyes

The Girl with the Violet Eyes

12 parts / 12 pages, updated Oct 12, 2013PG-13
read the prolog it says it all
15,425 reads votes 228 comments 49
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if you read my status im currently editing the rest of the story
The Girl with the Violet Eyes

im gonna make a guess here and say that the pack that they are going to help is Holly's old pack and if im right i am so looking forward to what...
Love Me Alpha

cant wait till the next its been such a long time! but i really enjoy this story
Love Me Alpha

if you did a sequel i would definitely read it
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