A little about me personally: 
1) I grew up in a french town, in a french family but went to english school my entire life. 
2) I am a bouncing energy ball, quite outgoing and shy. 
3) I am a full time bookworm and a part time hermit. 
4) I have too much imagination for my own good (which often leads me face first into the amazing wall called: Writer's block!) and my inner demons are very dark and twisted - but they're very well caged up, only let them onto the paper once in a while.
5) I never give up - I am aware that some of my stories are at a standstill others need editing and I will get to them in time.

I started writing at the age of 13 and ever since its been my escape from my own inside demons. Stories are imagination only but some of them are based on real facts. Most of my poems are pure imagination, though a select few are also based on real facts.

Hope you enjoy.

I always accept constructive critism and advice on how to make my stories better.

--I intend on re-writing Demon Child eventually, I have started the editing but it's taking a while and am currently concentrating on finishing my unfinished stories. However, you may still enjoy the story in its original form. If you have any comments or advice feel free to drop me a message--
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NaNoWriMo - November 2014

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Description: The story I am working on for the 30 day challenge. ** I am writing this story in parts. Doesn't always have a link between two scenes and scenes change around randomly. Size of scene and point of view may also varry a lot and without warning. **

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Life after a war. Past, present and future mix together. People cross each other's path. But to what ext...

working on the 30 day challenge... 50 000 words is a lot X_x feels like too much. oh well, we'll see how it goes :D

found it - yes, I know that one can't 'try' anorexia. what this was meant as is that she found a random excuse to blame to event on. You know like, ''Oh, don't mind me, it was just a brain fart - I wanted to be with the 'in' crowd of popular skinny girls so I tried that thing called anorexia.''

Hope that clears that up. I am VERY aware of the illness that is anorexia and other eating/mental disorders.