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Name Sydney!!! (Squid)
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So, you vant to know about me? You think that's a good idea? Okay then!

                   I'm human.


             I aspire to be an adventurer

I like: 

thinking outside the box.

                            Thinking inside the box
Being known.
         Being hated and knowing.
Anything really.


I don't really like Canada.... You can change that if you want? 

                            Spoons (they're deadly) 

Evan numbers. 
                                    Boring people

Random things: 

                              I think I'm in love... With any guys that's super gorgeous. 

I'm a flirt....  

                           I like to hear jokes. Sometimes I don't get them.

I have memory loss. 
                              Yesterday I forgot my name.

                                            When I think... I start to debate... When I debate Vecter, Helga, Stan, and Sylvia come and debate with me.

                                                              I think that guys should PM me.

I think I might be dead. . . . 

                I love hugs! GIVE ME HUG NOW!

                                                                                            When I think of you... I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Do what I say or I kill the teddy bear!
                                         I like to stick my head in tree, or rabbit holes. Maybe one day I'll find wonderland!
 That awkward moment when you go into your closet and you find Narnia.

                                               THE BOOGEY MAN IS IN MY CLOSET!!!

                                              MY MOM!

I love you all to death! 

                EVEN IF YOU HATE ME! 

I'm like a boomerang.... If you try to get rid of me... I come back and his you in the face.

                          *Evil smile*


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Haha! There'll probably be another. At some point maybe...
Thirty Day Letter Challenge

Awe! You're such a kind person! I'm about to cry but I kinda got rid of all my tears last weekend... It doesn't help I was listening to...
30 day letter challenge. :)

:P Thanks.... I wrote this in the middle of the night without spell check... Now I feel bad.
Broadway: Wicked

This is really good! I like the detail... But you may need a little more!
West Side of Love

A boy bands girlfriend? I would've chosen like... Chuck Norris. Of Jacky Chan.. I mean at least Chuck has a Bridge in Europe named after him......
30 day letter challenge. :)