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The Immortal Kingdom of Juliai: Guardians of Realms. Book Two

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Description: Meet Sarah Beckford; the last human descendent of the Immortal Ancient Lestat. And that guy standing next to her, with the jet-black hair and the spectacularly roaring blue eyes? That’s Caleb Deverix; the Immortal prince of Juliai. *** Running...

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Connor's Secret

Connor's Secret

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"There's something about Connor..."Jessica thought to herself as she watched him stroll down the street...

The Immortal Kingdom Of Juliai; The Oracle's Prophesy. Book One.

The Immortal Kingdom Of Juliai; The Oracle's Prophesy. Book One.

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Sarah Beckford finds herself kidnapped by a secret society of Immortal beings in a time of Civil War. B...

LJ, you are amazing. Truly amazing. You've endured me through this journey, months of writers block and all, and I cannot tell you how much you mean to me as a reader/friend. 

Thank you so, so much. For believing in me as a writer. Trust me that I haven't written a word without keeping you in my thoughts. I am so very happy that you enjoyed this story :)

I wish you all the best.

@Nefariouslove Yay. You just made my night :) It is so hard to come across good books on wattpad now a days I'm just so happy yours is still up and running. You had since the beginning of your stories and I plan on staying till the end. Can't wait for the new projects, I know it is going to be epic.