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Hi i'm Nebula Angel few will also know me as reggaemufffin95 from quizilla (don't post stuff on it , chances are they'll loose it. Been there done that).

Started my first story when I was...maybe like 10? It was alright, didn't get very far. It was called ' The Chase'.  After that I began a number of stories, all of them left incomplete and forgotten about.

Then came 'Untameable' My FAVORITE by far, and I'm  SURE that this will be the one I finish first. I've never finished a story before you see, but I'm determined that this one will be the one. 

I LOVE writing. There's  ALWAYS something going round my head during the day about my story. I'll listen to music and get inspiration and ideas, I'll watch movies, read eat chocolate, dream, eat MORE chocolate, do intensive research on something such as the exact locations of certain events. Yeah I know, I spent like 4 hours on google earth trying to find the BEST location for the story Untameable to take place. Boise, Idaho . Perfect.
You could definitely say I am OBSESSED with this story, I have all the characters profiles written up, height charts, casting, locations, music, everything and even the end plotted already.

I LOVE having feedback for Untameable. It gives me an insight as to what you guys think, what your expecting and anything that might have been a little confusing, that way I'm not only writing for ME but for YOU as well. So pop me a message, please. :) xxx

Dedicating chapters to people who support my writing. 
Thank you so much to the big SEVEN.
Kelly_harley , LouiseBurton , DarkxxSmileyxx  , AllanaWright ,10n3w01f   , overtheshadows and estefany2081 !
You guys ROCK.


Complete Character Cast for Untameable

Complete Character Cast for Untameable

29 parts / 2 pages, updated Sep 17, 2014G
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I'm Untameable

I'm Untameable

68 parts / 213 pages, updated Sep 17, 2014R
1 year ago Kaela's parents were murdered and she found out that she's a shifter. Inhuman strength and agility, heightened senses and a temper to match the devil, Kaela is ... read more
43,491 reads votes 637 comments 117
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@CheapIsMyForte you made laugh, made my day. Kale, bipolar, oh my gosh..... hahaha
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"Anyways" No, just no. The queen would have better grammar than that and the mere use of that word is cringe worthy.
Forced Royal

.....oh my god!!!!! ;D
How to Be a Girl

Ahhhah I know the cliff hangers :P See I did write what was to happen but then it didn't finish right, so 'TADAAAAH!' ----> Cliffhanger. :)
I'm Untameable

Thank you haha :) 'Little ass' XP
I'm Untameable