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A series about Jarvis and Alphonse. Other characters too like, Alphonse's little brother and Jarvis's little cousin, Quin, his character is qwerty who is always followed by a black cat we call, cat. Creative right? Another character would be our best friend Makko who is played by Melissa (safireanddiamonds). Oh and qwerty kinda fails at experiments and created clones of Jarvis, Alphonse, and Makko. They are like an opposite for of each of us, and they're guys. Jarvis's male form Jayce, Alphonse's male form Alabaster, and Makko's male form Makkoto. Makko/Makkoto are albino neko's. They wear red trench coats and a black and white striped shirt, Makko has black shorts and a heart necklace along with really long white hair done in a pony tail, Makkoto has black pants and a lightning bolt necklace along with short white hair. Alphonse/Alabaster have white togas on with a bat clip holding it up. Alphonse has just past her shoulders purple hair and alabaster has short dark purple hair, although they want to dye it red. They both have horns and a tail and a mini top hat on their head, legend has it theyre cows. Jarvis/Jayce, me, are pandas. Jayce has black short hair and wears a black vest and black pants with a white shirt, black and white striped gloves and a red bowtie. Jarvis can't stop dying her hair, she has naturally really long white hair, dyed her hair red, now I think it's black.  she wears only a black vest, black and white striped gloves, a black skirt and a red Bowtie, they also occasionally wear panda hats. 
Of course there are a lot more characters.
Safireanddiamonds is Makko she writes a story about a nature fanfic, that happens to have characters that are also in box of chocolates.

Well that's it for now, quite a description, cya

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A very tragic story...

A very tragic story...

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