Ok, so I suck at writing about myself.  So I'm gonna make this short but sweet! XD

I love J.K. Rowling, Maggie Steifvater, Jessica Verday, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Marian Keynes, Gemma Malley, Jodi Picoult, Phillip Pullman, Cassandra Clare, Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, Suzanne Collins & Richelle Mead.

As you can possibly tell I'm a big Paranormal/Fantasy girl and my books are much the same.

I am currently writing more than one series but my main priority is the one I started first which is The Black Craft - you'll see more updates of this than you will of any of my other series' (such as Rebel Rebel, Going Under and The Quixwood Sisters).

I was born 2nd August 1983, I have one sister (Julie) and a dalmatian (Polly.)
That's about all there is to know about me. The rest you'll figure out when you get to know me.

I'm farely easy going for the most part. XD
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MyCraft commented on Destiny - Chapter 3

the only thing i think needs changing is this:
      'I could hear their faces fading a bit' obviously you meant voices i just thought i'd better point that out to you :D
      you still know how to leave a girl hanging!  what a way to end a chapter!
      i like Acel he seems sweet, hopefully he makes a return :D

this is such a good start to your story!
      there are a couple things I think might improve it for you though:
      - give a good description of Cam's appearance so that we might paint her picture better in our minds
      - on a couple of occasions you've used the work from when you should have used for
      - also try to avoid starting sentences with I, i noticed it on a couple of occasions and it can get a bit repetitive if you're not careful.
      other than that i thought it was awesome.
      hope this helps! :D
MyCraft commented on Destiny - Chapter 2

oof you know how to leave 'em hanging! XD
      another awesome chapter. plenty of powerful drama!
      plenty of description as well which i like.
      hope she gets her memory back soon!
      wouldn't change a thing!  good job :D