Ok, so I suck at writing about myself.  So I'm gonna make this short but sweet! XD
      I love J.K. Rowling, Maggie Steifvater, Jessica Verday, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Marian Keynes, Gemma Malley, Jodi Picoult, Phillip Pullman, Cassandra Clare, Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, Suzanne Collins & Richelle Mead.
      As you can possibly tell I'm a big Paranormal/Fantasy girl and my books are much the same.
      I am currently writing more than one series but my main priority is the one I started first which is The Black Craft - you'll see more updates of this than you will of any of my other series' (such as Rebel Rebel, Going Under and The Quixwood Sisters).
      I was born 2nd August 1983, I have one sister (Julie) and a dalmatian (Polly.)
      That's about all there is to know about me.  The rest you'll figure out when you get to know me.
      I'm farely easy going for the most part. XD
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Wow! This story is so good!
      I always love fantasy novels, especially when set in such an enchanting city like New Orleans.
      I only noticed one problem where you wrote 'step foot' i think you meant 'set foot' other than that it was more or less perfect.
      You're story line has the write balance between drama, thriller and a dose of humour.
      I will definitely be voting this and come back to read more later on :D
MyCraft commented on Destiny - Chapter 1

this is a good strong start to the book
      i honestly wouldn't change a thing.
      the characters are interesting and the ending to the chapter leaves you wanting more.
      hope this is helpful :D

payment for my cover:
      so i noticed you sort of swerve in and out of past tense from time to time.  just keep an eye on that because it can be a bit confusing.
      also, when you're writing a conversation between characters, try not to put them all in the one paragraph,  keep it simple so it flows better. 
      for example.
      "Good morning." Helen said when her sister arrived for breakfast.
      Katie yawned, "Morning.  What's for eats?"
      "Scrambled eggs and toast.  What are your plans today?"
      "I'm hitting the mall but I might go for a run first."
      I hope this makes sense, I used to do this too until I was given this advice.
      Other than that i liked it. Would've liked more of a physical description of the nasty Brianna but that's an easy fix :D