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My username used to be; Claireg131

Time for an update I think. Maybe this time I'll actually include something about myself.

First things first, I'm eighteen. Oh, wait, it should be my name first, well, that's at the top. It's Claire, yes, it is my real name. 
I used to be a cat AND dog person, but now I am a self proclaimed cat person. As you might be able to tell from the four cats that I own with my mum and sister. The cats names are; Sabbath (he's a fully black cat), Charlie (he's ginger all over), Percy (he is tabby and white, but mostly white), and Harley (he's mostly tabby with small bits of white. He has a white heart on his chest, and he is called Harley because when he purrs it sounds like an engine. So, yeah).
I live in England, but that is also at the top. 

Why do I write?
I write simply because I love words. When I re-found my love of reading four to five years ago I re-found my love of writing. And so here I am, writing to inspire, writing to stay sane, and writing to hopefully become a published author. Words take up most of my day, whether it's reading or writing.

All my works are copyrighted (not that anybody would want to steal them) but, they are copyrighted and original. So, if you see anybody stealing my work then please do tell me. 

I'm happy to help, so if you have any questions, you need any advice, with writing or anything else, if you need help around Wattpad, or just anything really then don't hesitate to message me. Private or otherwise. (I'm usually on chat, but sometimes Wattpad is in another tab so I don't always see messages straight away.)

Last, but most definitely not least, thank you to all of you that fan, vote,comment and what not. I really do appreciate it. I'd write for myself anyway, but you are the reason I keep on posting, and the reason my updates come quicker that they would if I was keeping my writing to myself. 
I hope you enjoy my works and what not. 
Have a nice day! :)


Character Names

Character Names

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Things You Should Try to Avoid Doing as an Author

Things You Should Try to Avoid Doing as an Author

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There have been a lot of rants around Wattpad lately. I decided I didn't want to rant, I wanted to give authors advice. Advice on what th... read more
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Physical Copies

Physical Copies

4 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 08, 2012
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Physical Copies

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