Favorite Creepypasta: Either Masky or Jeff the Killer
      Favorite Band: The Gaslight Anthem
      Favorite Color: Purple
      Favorite Anime: Soul Eater
      Favorite Food: Cheescake
      Favorite Quote: "Keep your head held high and your middle finger higher!"
      Favorite Video Game of all time ever: Telltale's The Walking Dead
      Favorite Youtube Channel: Marble Hornets
      My cousin is @JeffmySweet.
      I stalked with Slender Man on that day.
      I baked cupcakes with Pinkamena on that day.
      I beat Alex with Masky on that day.
      I burned with Jeff on that day.
      I drowned on the ship with BEN on that day.
      I played with Sally on that day.
      I stood with Scootaloo in the Rainbow Factory on that day.
      I ate kidneys with Eyeless Jack on that day.
      I got revenge on Jeff with Jane on that day.
      I took the pills with Meowledy on that day.
      I was with Lost Silver when HEDIED on that day.
      I was there the entire time, standing next to them. Copy paste this poem on to your page if you were there with them on that day...
      ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Mentally married to Masky
      My second account is @MaskyandJeff
      "But then I realized I'm an adult I don't have to do shit so I just made two sandwiches." -Tim Sutton
      █10%NEW JERSEY
      ██20% WARRIOR CATS
      ████40% SOUL EATER
      ██████60% MARBLE HORNETS
      ███████70% AUTHOR
      ████████80% JEFF THE KILLER
      █████████90% MASKY
      ██████████100% CREEPYPASTA
      Current projects- The Rough Girl and the Proxy
      -Our Bloody Girls
      -Be Gentle to my Heart It's very Fragile
      -My Blind Sweetheart
      -My Psycho Protector
      -My Own Personal Angel
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    The Slender Woods
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    2 years ago

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Too Many Years to Count

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Description: "You can't argue!" he screamed at me, throwing items from across the room, almost hitting me. Tears flowed from the holes on his mask as he stared me down. "You were born in the right body! I fucking hate that about you! You don't hate looking at y...

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