Still obsessed with those idiots AKA One Direction, I mean have you seen them!
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LovesyouKim commented on The Taking - NEWS

Please don't send me hateful messages because I can't deal with more negativity right now. I'm thankful for my fans who have supported me thus far and have encouraged me to write as far as thirty cha...
Like what @Rapturously said try to threaten to sue the person that plagiarized your story. I believe you shouldn't let the hate get to you, you're a very talented writer and don't deserve to let your dreams get deflated by close minded imbeciles. If you wish to take down your story I will respect your decision but I believe you shouldn't just in case perhaps in the future you would wish to continue this story. I wish you the best of luck and I truly loved "The Taking" and if I have to purchase the story to read it I will lol
LovesyouKim commented on Anxiety Attack - Chapter 4

As I left the classroom, I could feel the tears start to cascade down my cheeks as I ran for the bathroom.  Opening the door, I slammed it shut and sank against it, burying my face in my shaking hand...
(I don't mean it in a rude way) ^