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Sex; Female 
Proud to be; Myself..;)
Love; Ma frieends..:*
You got a problem with me, sort it.
Can't stand me, sit down.
Can't face me, turn around.

I love reading, listening to music, acting, dancing and making photographs. I can never sit in one place, I'm always out with ma buddies doing something what is not always legal..

 I travel around the world pretty often. Im adicted to Coke. Im blonde.., tall-5'8 (About that hight, not really sure :p)-, slim. I do street dance. I used to be a cheerleader. Im a singer. I act. I loove sleeping at day, and going out at night..:D Im not scared of anything, even worms or spiders. My eyes change color.-> From green, to brown, to blue, to hazel, to yellowish. You never know what color they realy are. :) And I hate Math and Science!!!

My Instagram: lina_doll23
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    Where it always rains.
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    2 years ago

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No Escape

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Description: Daniela's life was never bad. Until one day. She was going to Europe with her mom and little sister when the planne suddenly crashed. But the weirdest thing is, that even thought the plane has been crashes into millions of pieces. Most of the passen...