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Quote of the Day: “The past beats inside me like a second heart.”

Hello there!

My first name's Ingrid(Madrea's the second) and I don't like to say how old I am, so let's just think that I'm young and beautiful(which I totally am)and no one can break me.

Well, here we go:

*My real name is bitch(liar is the second, then).
*I'm 20 years old.
*And I'm totally fucked up.


"Letters To God"
"Stay With Me Until I Die"(coming soon)
"Collection of Historical Tales"
"Two Birds"(coming soon)
"I Fell In Love With The Eyes Behind The Flowers"(coming soon)
"Snowy Hearts"(Christmas special and also coming soon).


"Kallis Calvin"
"Jahimehe tütretütar & metshaldjas"
"Ärata mind ellu"
"Kummituste sosistaja"
"Sinine hüüger; lohetaltsutaja seiklused"(aeglased postitused)
"Lohelinn"(tuleb varsti)
"Armusin neisse silmadesse lillekimbu taga"(tuleb varsti)
"Lumised südamed"(jõulujutt ja tuleb samuti varsti)


"True Thoughts"


If you wanna contact me in any way, then you can do it here:

Tumblr: http://ItsMadreia.tumblr.com/

G-MAIL: ingridsusi908@gmail.com

Or just pm me right here and I promise to answer.

P.S. That's me in the profile picture(s), btw.
And here's something - my writing group, that mean - I think you should join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/294360297357257/

Keep smiling! x ♥

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Kallis Calvin

Social data: 1.7K reads. 115 votes. 33 comments.

Description: Annie on Londoni äärelinnas elav noor naine, kes mängib kitarri ja käib kolledži kõrvalt maalimiskursustel ning usub saatusesse. Et kõik, mis üks päev sinuga juhtub, on varem ette määratud, aga oma viimase katastroofilise suhte tõttu ei usu ta armas...

#3 in Romance

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Stay With Me Until I Die(Coming soon)

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Kummituste sosistaja

Kummituste sosistaja

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Sinine hüüger; lohetaltsutaja seiklused || aeglane postitamine ||

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