Wargwarn my youths. Missed us?. No. Okaii its cool.


Joint account guysss just saying, we run this bitch.

Yassss we bestfriends.
Can't compete.

we're fucking weird mate.
It scares me.

│▒│ /▒/
│▒ /▒/─┬─┐
┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●Dueces My Nigg●●


Oh and follow us we advise you to...its the right thing to do. Your choice...
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Misjudged [princeton fanfic]

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Description: Her words boggled my mind at first. She was the outcast of the school, the snowflake that had the posh accent and spoke with no abbreviations. She didn't flaunt her body like for everybody to see. Something that was peculiar in this part of town. So...

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The Reflection. (Royce)

The Reflection. (Royce)

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Change is something people are afraid of but it happens all the time. It's a part of life however, some...

Thinking outside the box [Roc Royal]

Thinking outside the box [Roc Royal]

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Life's never been easy for diamond since her brother went missing, her family life had broken down and s...

Second best - a mindless behavior story

Second best - a mindless behavior story

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Prince is player he has been ever since he got his heartbroken. Ray likes money so when he gets an oppor...

Complications - a mindless behavior story

Complications - a mindless behavior story

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I killed ray. It's all my fault. He'll never forgive me. These are the words which roc hears in his head...