I believe there's a writer inside everyone. 
All it needs to surface is a pen, 
a piece of paper, and the will.

First things first, I do not do Follow for Follow on Wattpad. I'd take you on Tumblr, but not here. :) If you want to know about some of my personal thoughts read Matryoshka Doll below. :) By the way, if you want good reading material, do visit these people's stories. I won't request you to give them comments and votes because you will.

@braids - Apple Strudel

@sugarwithyourtea - Adams

@mcgregorb - Mockingbird

@hawkholmes - Dead Wings

@youthfulwriter - Fading Stars 

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Special Mention:

Congratulations to @mjriedstra for successfully deciphering the code in Marked. So far, among all the people in and outside of Wattpad who have tried, he is the only one who managed to break it. You have succeeded where others failed.

Just Give Me a Reason
Everything Has Changed

Video Games:
Assassin's Creed Series
Resident Evil Series
Harvest Moon Back to Nature

I LOVE GAME OF THRONES! Daenerys Targaryen. :)
The Rains of Castamere playing in the background...

IF YOU NEED A CRITIQUE, send me a PM, NOT ON MY MESSAGE BOARD. I'd be more inclined to helping those who do first. I'm more likely to check your work out if it's in horror, paranormal, thriller genre.
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Description: I have fallen for evil and darkness, I'm afraid... ... For several hours he had stared at his computer screen, not havin...

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With half of the weekend already gone, you make your way home right after getting out of the campus. Alo...

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Matryoshka Doll

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You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

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Tuloy Kayo (Unang Libro)

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Tuloy Kayo (Ikalawang Libro)

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Perpektong bakasyon - sana. Isang natitira. Tatlong patay. Tatlong nawawala. Matapos paghiwahiwalayin...

FelipeNas posted a message to LanceRedanican
Hi Lance! I don't know if you still remember me but I decided to at least leave you a message when I accidentally found your profile again. And yes, I'm proud to tell you that I've improved writing Mystery/Thriller stories. I don't know if you remember my story 'Casey Redwood's Written Death' but yeah, bro you helped a lot in improving  that story :) I'm happy to see a few Filipino stories in your works,yay. I'll make sure to read them sooner. :)
Initial_J posted a message to LanceRedanican
Hi Bro, hopefully  you'll be able to finish the rest of the  story or some few chapters will do real "soon". Can't wait to read your work again. :)
LanceRedanican commented on Inverted

I'm still working on it right now. I stopped writing for a long time and I'm kinda making a come back. Soon, maybe. I have some chapters ready for upload but I think I'll just post them when all is done.