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i'm katherine! i'm 13 and i'm addicted to rock music and drawing anime! my favorite pattern is red and black stripes. i don't really know what else to say! i love werewolves and wish i was one, they are amazing! (and that's not because of twilight and jacob black!) also, if you think that bullying is funny then GET OFF THIS EARTH! you seem to be from another planet if you like making someone feel bad about themselves so you can build up your twisted egos! 

luv snugglyboo! (btw i say that alot!) :)
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it's good so far but i would love it if there was a bit more uploaded, other than that it was great! :)
Girl Who Cried 'Pregnant'

That is so gaddamn funny! I agree with everything you just said. I also hate it when two people have sex at a party and the girl gets pregnant! :)...

i think it's so cute how Mark wants to protect Aubrey so much and their child
I'm Having The Alpha's Baby.

all i have to say is damn! don't insult that bitch or her kid! snugglyboo!
Paying for His Mistakes Wat...