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Yellooooo! Yea I answer the phone like that. Who lives in a pinapple under the sea? Idek.

Anyways, I LOVE and will alway support those 5 1Derful guys in the background. Did you just look at the background? Yea, you did. I just said that in the voice of Joey Tribbiani. OMG I LOVE FRIENDS, TOO! Yea, as you might have noticed, I get distracted a lot. So umm.... I love reading fanfics! Want me to read yours? PM me! Or post on my message board! If you ask me, I would be delighted to. :) Although my username is KatLuvsHazza, I'm actually a Niall girl. Idk I guess I thought it sounded cute at the time, lol.

Also, think of me as your virtual friend. But not like the Sims 3 kind. They're weird. Whatever, UGH!

Well umm, I love music, all types. I love drawing and people who aren't afraid to express themselves. Movies? Finding Nemo, Mall Cop, Just Go With It, and Scarface. I also like sleeping. A LOT. Like, if I could, I would sleep all day. I get mad at myself when I can't sleep. lol:)

If you're still reading, even up till here, I love you. Haha. You care enough to keep reading. YOU'RE A NICE PERSON! <---(Yeeaa I'm  weird :)

Well, that's all folks! Don't forget to read my fanfic! I will love you forever! Please vote, comment, add to your library, and FAN MEH! Feel free to talk to me, too! Personal or not, I'll listen :) x

Ooh! I ALMOST FORGOT! I LOVE ALL OF YOU, just sayin'. Lots of love to ALL o' ya'll. <3

-Katherine C.♥


My Roommates, One Direction

My Roommates, One Direction

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 30, 2013PG-13
Meet Melissa. She's an 18 year old teenage girl. This summer was going to be the last one before she had to start university, so she was going to make it the be... read more
1,146 reads votes 36 comments 12
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