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Karli has always blazed her own trail, whether popular or not. She has three wonderful sons – two of which are on their own building their straw and stick houses. She is contently married to a supportive husband in Oklahoma. Her passion outside of writing is photography and all things natural. She is an Autism advocate and enjoys Zumba, hiking, bike riding and family.
Karli was born deep in Cherokee Nation Indian Territory where she grew up loving everything paranormal and has even, first hand, witnessed a womanly spirit. The encounter, happened in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, at one of the top ten most haunted hotels in America, The Crescent Hotel. This experience captured Karli in ways that have expanded her beliefs about the possibilities of other realms.
As a teen, Karli was an avid reader, she sought out solitude for her passion in nearby Indian Graveyards. Although writing was something that has pulled at her most of her life, it wasn't until a recent visit to a Shaman, who saw her spirit's need for creativity, when she truly began down the path.
The Crescent Bound series is her first work which will consist of five books in all. 
Karli's ideal world would be one of open-minded kindness from everyone.
And if she had a pet, it would be named Ooblar. 

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The House - part 1

The House - part 1

2 pages, updated Nov 10, 2013Video
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